16/03/202 0 Artificial insemination Professor doctor Enas Kamal

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16/03/202 0 Artificial insemination Professor doctor Enas Kamal Abdelazim 1

History 16/03/202 0 The first reported case of artificial insemination by donor occurred in 1884: a Philadelphia professor of medicine took sperm from his "best looking" student to inseminate an anesthetized woman. The woman was not informed about the procedure, unlike her infertile husband. The case was reported 25 years later in a medical journal 2

History 16/03/202 0 The sperm bank was developed in Iowa starting in the 1920s in research conducted by University of Iowa medical school researchers Jerome Sherman and Raymond Bunge. 3

Definition 16/03/202 0 Artificial Insemination is defined as "The introduction of semen into the vagina by methods other than sexual intercourse". In more comprehensive terminology, the introduction of semen into the vagina, cervix or uterus by artificial means to assist conception is called 'Artificial Insemination'. 4

Types AIH (Artificial Insemination Homologous Donor: when semen of the husband is used. AID (Artificial Insemination Heterologous Donor: when semen of a person other than the husband is used. 16/03/202 0 5

Indications When the husband is impotent but fertile (AIH). When the husband is unable, to deposit the semen in vagina due to presence of Hypospadias or Epispadias, etc., When the husband is oligospermia(low sperm count) . When there is Rh-blood group incompatibility between the husband & wife. When the husband is suffering from hereditary diseases, genetic defects, carrying a high risk of infant mortality. Female with hostile cervix dealing with husband’s sperm like foreign bodies. Cervical blockage by tumors or endometriosis. 16/03/202 0 6

Precautions of AID Consent of the donor & his wife. Such consent shall be obtained in writing only after the' patient is provided, at her own level of comprehension with sufficient information about the purpose, method, risks, inconveniences, disappointments of the procedure and" possible risks and hazards Identity of the husband & wife should not be disclosed. Donor should not be known to the recipient & the result of Insemination. 16/03/202 0 7

Precautions of AID Donor must be mentally & physically sound. Donor must not be a relative of either husband or wife, & he should have had children of his own. 16/03/202 0 A witness must be present. 8

Legal and religious aspects of artificial insemination 16/03/202 0 Artificial insemination in Islam can be done under the following circumstances: Sperm used must be that of the husband. Donor sperm is not permissible. Semen should be only obtained by coitus interruptus or masturbation assisted by the wife. Once the sperm and the ovum are fertilised the resulting zygote should not be implanted in the womb of another woman the so called surrogate mother as it will lead to defective generations. 9

Legal and religious aspects of artificial insemination 16/03/202 0 In Christianity and Judaism: There are no restrictions for AIH and same precautions are taken as in Islam. Artificial insemination husband is not objected to in Judaism. Artificial insemination donor is prohibited in the three religions. 10

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