2020 Census Hiring Process for Demographic Analysis & Population

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2020 Census Hiring Process for Demographic Analysis & Population Projection System (DAPPS) Employees https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html 1

2020 Census Jobs: DAPPS Positions Recruiting Assistants Census Field Supervisors – Applicant must select interest in being a supervisor Enumerators (Listers) Office Operations Supervisors – Applicant must select interest in being a supervisor Clerks Apply at https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html

2020 Census Jobs: The Online Application Prospective Applicant applies on www.2020census.gov/jobs. Applicants will complete the BC-172D, BC-172O and if applicable, BC-172S forms on online. Applicants complete the skills assessments in English or Spanish If the applicant chooses to complete the assessment in Spanish, the applicant is required to take the English proficiency as well (D-280B).

2020 Census Jobs: Application Submission Once the applicant completes the application and assessment the applicant’s information will be sent to DAPPS. DAPPS will determine if the applicant status changes to “Available” or “Under Review”, then a Supervisor will determine the eligibility. “Under Review,” determination is based on certain requirements not being met.

2020 Census Jobs: “Under Review” Office review because of incomplete forms. Clerk will contact applicant to get completed forms and then verify they are completed. Office review for Veterans Preference. The office staff will review Veterans Preference Documentation. DAPPS will calculate assessment scores with Veterans Preference. Enter/Updates Application information & Assessment Scores ** Afterwards, DAPPS determines eligibility of applicant. If applicant is eligible, then they will be placed in the applicant pool.

2020 Census Jobs: Ineligibility Reasons Not registered with Selective Service Does not meet minimum age requirements Relative in Census Bureau No Assessment Taken No Applicant E-mail Current Federal Employee Poor Interview ***Note: List is not inclusive***

2020 Census Jobs: The Selection 60 days from the first day of operational training (Prior to Major Operations) the Area Census Office will start the selection process. *Next hiring in Dec 2019 – Jan 2020 timeframe Anyone who is available and meets job requisition criteria will show on the selection certificate. Applicant is called for an interview. – – – – One opportunity to answer; recruitment moves on Applicants in hard to recruit areas might receive a voicemail Vets might receive a voicemail Applicants with language skills might receive a voicemail Positive Interview – might receive an offer – Unsuccessful Interview – No offer; but application left in the pool (No Notification to Applicant)

2020 Census Jobs: Notification (Of Selection) Selectee will receive Email Notification, Letter, Census Bureau Pre-employment Forms & Instructions. Must complete and Submit Background Check Forms (Certain Positions) Complete Fingerprint appointment, after background check forms submitted. – Documents to bring to Fingerprint Day (Employment Confirmation E-mail or Letter, Identity Proofing Documents) If Selectee clears background check AND Fingerprint check, follow on documentation will need to be completed and submitted online: – D-168, New Employee Data – – D-186F, Census Employment Agreement – D-415, Record of Employee’s Address and Emergency Contact Information – D-999, Overtime Policy Agreement -D-1199, Payment Authorization – D-1129, Personal Telephone Reimbursement Policy Agreement – OF-306, Declaration for Federal Employment – Certain Positions

First Day of Operational Training Conduct Swear-In using form BC-61, Appointment Affidavit. Employee’s will fill out the remainder of their hire paperwork including: I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification D155, Applicant Data Sheet – employee verifies Personal data (including name, address, SSN. They also fill out their tax data for federal, state and local (withholdings, filing status (married/single). After completion, paperwork reviewed and then sent to ACO (i.e., via courier, Express Mail, etc) to be keyed into DAPPS. Once the paperwork is keyed and hire action (SF-50) complete, the employee will have access to submit an electronic payroll. On first day of training (CFS, Enumerator) will be given their picture badge. Badge must be retained with equipment.

Questions & Contacts Tucson Area Recruiting Manager Eugene Han Recruiting Manager Tucson, AZ (3109) 3989 E. Grant Rd Tucson, AZ 85712 Office: 520-329-6427 Cel: 520-409-6134 Email: [email protected] For Applicants Jobs Line: 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020) Area Census Office Manager Shane M. Reed Tucson ACOM US Census Bureau Tucson Area Census Office - 3109 3989 E. Grant Rd Tucson, AZ 85712 Office: (520) 329-6695 iPhone: (520) 409-8165 Email: [email protected]

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