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AP default false enter text enUS Cisco 8800 Series IP Phone Training

Cisco 8811, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865 10 Button Phone with USB ports Only 5 buttons are Programmable - may be configured as combination of Lines, Speed Dials, Busy LampFields or Call Pickups Up to 5 lines Remaining 5 buttons are used as session buttons Models 8845 & 8865 are equipped with camera on top of phone

Cisco 8800 Series – Wall Mounted (Cisco 8811 Shown) Phones can be wall mounted Wall Mount Kit has an additional charge

Cisco 8800 Expansion Module 2 Page module –18 programmable buttons per page Buttons may be configured as combination of Lines, Speed Dials, Speed Dial Busy LampFields or Call Pickups Up to 36 total buttons

Cisco 8851 8851 model can accommodate 1 - 2 Expansion Modules Totaling either 36 or 72 extra programmable buttons

Cisco 8861 or 8865 8861 WI-FI Model 8865 HD Video capabilities Both models can accommodate up to 3 Expansion Modules Totaling 108 extra programmable buttons

Cisco 8821 Wireless Phone Supports 2 or more lines – 2.4 inch color display Bluetooth 4.0 Support Long Battery life – 240 hours standby or 13 hours talk time Built in Speakerphone

Cisco 8831 Conference Phone Includes Display Unit & Sound Base with Microphones Extra microphone kits can be wired or wireless

Cisco 8832 Conference Phone Wideband (G.722) for crystal-clear audio performance 360-degree coverage or rooms up to 800 square feet (74.3 square meters) Up to 26 attendees Backlit, antiglare, color pixel display eases viewing and navigation

Cisco 7832 Conference Phone 360-degree room coverage for spaces up to 172 square feet (16 square meters) Microphone pickup up to 7 feet (213 centimeters) from the endpoint Generous mute button to aid access from all sides of the endpoint Raised edge to ease handling and repositioning at the table or desk 3.4-inch (8.6-cm) backlit, monochrome, pixel-based display with an antiglare bezel to make viewing and interaction easier

LCD DISPLAY Displays line appearances, speed dials or busy lamps Provides date, time, calling party number and/or name on incoming calls & shows number dialed on outgoing calls Soft keys for added features Icons on soft keys showing call status

Phone Features & Buttons LIGHT ON HANDSET - Indicates message waiting and flashes when a call is incoming NAVAGATION PAD/SELECT BUTTON Scrolls between calls Scrolls Through Contacts & Applications VOLUME BUTTON Controls ringer & incoming caller (auto save) Silences the ringer on an incoming call (press left side once) HEADSET – Built-in headset port (back of phone) – Headset Button MUTE - Only “mutes” your side of call (you can still hear caller) SPEAKER – Toggles speakerphone on/off Note: When Speaker & Mute are on the buttons light up

Additional Phone Buttons Hold/Resume – Places active call on hold – Resumes a held call Programmable Feature Button Lines appearances, Speed Dials, Busy Lamp Fields, Call Pickups Color Indicators - Green/Steady - Active Call- Green/Flashing - Call on Hold Red/Steady – Line in use – Red/Flashing – Remote Line on Hold Amber/Steady - DND active or logged in Hunt Group – Amber/Flashing - Incoming Call Conference – Use to Create a conference call Transfer - Use to transfer a call Release Button – Ends a connected call or session Back Button – Returns to previous screen or menu Softkey - Enabled SoftKey options shows up as icons on screen

Feature Keys Messages – Direct access to voice mail Contacts – Opens/Closes the Directories/Contacts Menu IPhone Directory – Directory consists of UF users of Cisco Phones who have Unity Voicemail NOTE: Calls can be placed/redialed from directories menu Personal Directory – Directory consists of entries created in a Personal Address Book to create Fast Dials

Feature Keys Applications – Opens/closes Applications Menu Allows access to the following: Recents (Call History) – Received Calls Placed Calls Missed Calls Settings- Allows you to set personal preferences for your phone 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Wallpaper - Set or change Wallpaper (background for phone display) Ringtone - Set or change Ringtone Brightness - Set or change Brightness on display (darken/lighten) Font Size - Set or change Font Size on phone display Phone Name – Displays model number Call Notification Headset Sidetone - Adjust volume of headset Merge Alert Bluetooth Accessories Running Applications Admin Settings Phone Information

Soft Keys Four soft keys that guide users through call features & functions On screen display changes based on operation you are doing Soft Keys configuration may differ depending on what is programmed on user’s phone

On Hook – Soft keys Redial New Call Forward All Blank Redial– Dials the last number dialed from phone New Call – Press to get dial tone Forward All – Use to forward your line With phone on hook: Press key Dial number to which you want phone forwarded (display will show ‘To XXXXX’) To remove, press Forward Off once

Off Hook- Softkeys FIRST SCREEN Redial Cancel Forward All (more) (Goes to 2nd Screen) SECOND SCREEN Pick Up Group Pick Up Meet Me (more) (Goes to 1st Screen) Note (more) - (on 2nd screen takes you to ABC – Call History If you Toggle through history Softkeys change to Cancel & Call)

On A Call - Softkeys FIRST SCREEN Hold End Call Transfer (more) (Goes to 2nd Screen) SECOND SCREEN Park Conf Show Detail (more) – (Goes to 1st Screen) On Hold – Softkeys Resume New Call Blank Blank

PHONE SCREEN ICONS ll Call on hold/Resume Call Placed Calls Off –Hook Incoming Call On- Hook Missed Call Connected Call Received Call Shared lines in Use Speed Dial Line


ANSWER A CALL There are several ways to answer a call Pick up receiver Press speaker button Press Answer soft key If you are using a headset, you must press Answer soft key Press blinking line button

ANSWER WHILE ON EXISTING CALL (Toggle) Press the blinking line when you are on a call and another call comes in No need to put first call on Hold (the phone will do it for you) The call you are on Caller Id shows steady The call on hold will show the blinking line button beside it To put the 2nd call on hold - Press the Hold soft key or Hold button Now you have 2 calls on hold & 2 blinking line buttons You can toggle between calls with the Select/Navigation Button Select the call you want back – Press Resume soft key or blinking button Press EndCall soft key when you want to hang up from the call you’re on Press Resume soft key to Retrieve the other call or press the blinking button

CALL TRANSFER From a connected call, press the Transfer Button Dial the transfer recipient’s phone number. Press the Transfer Button The transfer is complete. again (you do not have to wait for them to answer). Note 1: If you want to announce the call to the recipient before completing the transfer, wait for them to answer BEFORE pressing the Transfer Button the 2 nd time. Note 2: If you decide you don’t want to complete the transfer AFTER you have dialed the recipient, press the End Call Softkey (located under the screen display), THEN press your flashing line button OR press the Resume Softkey (located under the screen display) to speak to the caller again. Note 3: If you want to transfer directly ito a recipient’s voicemail box press the Transfer Button Press *(star) and dial the phone number, then quickly press the Transfer Button again so the caller won’t miss the beginning of the recipient’s voicemail greeting.

CONFERENCE CALLS From a connected call, press the Conference Button ((call will be put on hold, you will hear dial tone & caller on hold will hear music). Dial the next person; when they answer, press the Conference Button to add them to your conference. To add more participants, press the Conference Button again and repeat these steps (you can conference a maximum of 6). The conference call ends when all participants hang up or initiator presses End Call Softkey To remove a participant from conference, press more Softkey, Press Show Details Softkey, Use Select/Navigation Button to select the person, then press Remove Softkey (Note: only the initiator can remove a participant)

MEET – ME CONFERENCE CALLS Initiator calls participants and provides Meet-Me phone number and time to call in. It is recommended that initiator forwards their calls to voicemail prior to setting up MeetMe Conference Call to avoid getting an incoming call on private line while conference call is active To set up conference: 1. Lift handset, press more Softkey, press MeetMe Softkey 2. Dial the MeetMe phone number – LCD Display will show Conference 3. At the designated time the other participants can now call into designated telephone number given by the initiator To end conference – press the EndCall Softkey Note: Meet-Me Conference can include 16 participants

CALL PICKUP & GROUP CALL PICKUP Call PickUp: If your phone is a member of a Call Pickup Group, you can answer someone else’s ringing phone at your desk. Just lift your handset press more Softkey & press the Pickup Softkey. Your phone will ring. Press Answer Softkey If Call PickUp is programmed on a button Press the flashing amber line button Your phone will ring Press Answer Softkey or flashing amber line button Group Call Pickup: This feature allows you to answer an incoming call from a phone that is not in a Call Pickup Group. Just lift the handset press more Softkey, press the GPickup Softkey – You will hear 2 beeps, Dial the phone number of the phone you want to answer, Your phone will ring, press Answer Softkey or flashing amber line button

CALL PARK This feature allows you to place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved from another phone in the system (for example, a phone in another office or in a conference room). To use Call Park: If you are on an active call at your phone, you can park the call on a call park extension by the pressing more Softkey, then press Park Softkey. The LCD display will show the extension # where the call is parked. You can retrieve the call in another room or someone else on another phone in your system can then dial the call park extension to retrieve the call. The call will stay parked for 2 minutes. If it is not retrieved within that time frame it will ring back to the phone that parked it.

DISTINCTIVE RING This feature allows phone to have a different Ringtone if phone has more than one line To activate: Press Applications Button Press 2 For Settings Press 2 For Ringtone Press 1 for Line 1 – Use Select/Navigation Button to scroll through list Press Play Softkey to hear how it sounds Highlight the one you want – Press Set Softkey, to save it Press Exit Softkey to exit out Repeat these steps for other lines on your phone

QUESTIONS? More info: o https://it.ufl.edu/ict/documentation/telecommunications/ Phone: 352-273-1234 Thanks for your attendance ! Created by: Rosa Jackson [email protected] 07/09/2018

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