ASML Portal : Printer installation / Slide 1

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ASML Portal : Printer installation / Slide 1

Getting started logon to the portal Go to: Enter User id and click ‘submit’, enter password and click ‘submit’ DemoUser / Slide 2

Getting started Barcode Labeling application Navigate to Barcode Labeling and Scanning section Click on Barcode Labeling tile. DemoUser / Slide 3

Getting started Add Printer & Label layout 1) Select the TTP-343 printer you just installed. 2) Select “TSC-TTP343” as Printer Type. Supplier X 3) Select the appropriate layout set / label size. 4) Click the “Add printer” box. That’s it ! / Slide 4

Additional information / training on Using the portal will be provided by ASML. / Slide 5

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