Chapter 4 D&SM Marketing Strategy #passion4digital

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Chapter 4 D&SM Marketing Strategy #passion4digital

Learning objectives To define digital and social media marketing strategy and its development cycle; To identify ways of aligning business strategy and digital channels of engagement with buyer persona; To explain how to set digital and social media marketing goals; To describe how to create social media strategies and tactics; To monitor and update the digital marketing strategy. #passion4digital

Digital and social media marketing strategy within Buyer persona spring #passion4digital

D&SM marketing strategy Digital channels in support to your mission, vision, goals and activities; Interaction and consumer engagement, not just broadcasting messages. Feedback and data gathering for optimising and improving online marketing efforts. #passion4digital

Scope of D&SM marketing #passion4digital

The Action Learning Cycle #passion4digital

The Action Learning Cycle within the Buyer Persona Spring #passion4digital

Marketing Development Cycle Based on Smith, P.R, SOSTAC Digital Marketing Planning Guide, 2014 #passion4digital

Results of marketing planning cycle Issues, which need actions, create customer avatars, have competition benchmarks; Clear objectives to achieve; Segments to focus on, target audiences, positioning of the company/brand; Concrete list of activities to implement; Timeline, resource allocation, responsibilities and systems, external agencies; Performance measures through web analytics Change in objectives or strategies. #passion4digital

Strategic value of your buyer persona Basic features Sources of information Goals Quotes Pain points Preferred medium Objections Role in purchase process #passion4digital Job details Marketing message

Digital channels of engagement Create content that answers your BP’s biggest questions; Use digital or tangible content formats that your BP prefers to read (or watch); Use social channels that your BP loves to use; Fluently speak your BP’s language; Send content when your BP is most engaged; Customize calls to action. Based on Corliss, R., Ways to Master Buyers Personas within your Marketing, Dec 5, 2012 #passion4digital

Digital marketing objectives Building a brand; Producing new product ideas; Increasing customer satisfaction; Word-of-mouth recommendations; Generating leads; Crisis reputation management; Integrating social media marketing with PR and advertising; Add more #passion4digital

Objectives mast be SMART Specific Time-bound Realistic Measurable Attainable Egs.: Increase Facebook fans by X members in 8 weeks. #passion4digital

S key performance indicators Metrics August 2010 August 2014 Hits/visits/page views 47.6% 60.7% Number of followers or friends 24.0% 45.0% Repeat visits 34.7% 38.7% Conversion rates (from visitor to buyer) 25.4% 31.3% Buzz indicators (web mentions) 15.7% 24.2% Sales levels 17.9% 16.8% Online product/service ratings 8.2% 14.0% Customer acquisition costs 11.8% 13.7% Net promoter score 7.5% 12.8% Revenue per customer 17.2% 12.5% Other text analysis ratings 6.6% 11.7% Customer retention costs 7.7% 6.3% Abandoned shopping carts 3.8% 6.0% Profits per customer 9.4% 6.0% Highlights and Insights Report, CMOsurvey, 2014 #passion4digital

Use 8C model for strategy development Categorize Comprehend Converse Collaborate Contribute Connect Community Convert Based on Barker M., D.Barker, N. Boermann, Kr. Neher, Social Media Marketing A Strategic Approach, 2013 South-Western, Cengage Learning #passion4digital

Strategic alternatives Customer acquisition strategy; Customer retention strategy; Branding strategy; Conversion driven strategies; Integrated Web Strategy Maximum ROI #passion4digital

Some digital marketing tactics Tactics Desired outcomes 1. Search engine optimization (SEO) Customer acquisition and retention 2. Affiliate and partner marketing Sales and return on investment 3. Search advertising (pay-perclick) Sales, customer retention and acquisition 4. Online advertising Branding and acquisition 4. Video marketing Branding, customer retention and value creation 5. Email marketing Customer retention and value creation Based on Stokes, R., E-Marketing, 5th ed., 2013 #passion4digital

Call to action A call to action is simply the action that you want someone to take at each stage of your marketing campaign. Chain of actions leading to a sale may be: - Click on blog post from Twitter or Facebook; - Sign up for email newsletter; - Sign up for webinar; - Have salesperson call; - Purchase. #passion4digital

Agility into the strategy Constant change should be considered in the early stages of strategy formulation, allowing tactics and strategies to be modified and improved as you go; Strategy must be iterative, innovative and open to evolution; It should be quick, creative and proactive, rather than slow, predictable and reactive. #passion4digital

Summary Strategy is positioning your brand within the market and creating a roadmap for achieving your business goals; Process of understanding where you are, where you need to be, and how you will get there; Strategic thinking should be mindful of ROI and how it can be measured. Optimize your tactics and performance in order to create a valuable brand story, an excellent user experience. #passion4digital

References Barker M., D.Barker, N. Boermann, Kr. Neher, Social Media Marketing A Strategic Approach, 2013 South-Western, Cengage Learning Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study, http:// Highlights and Insights Report, CMOsurvey, 2014, Ringnes, I., Millennials and Social Media, The power of conversation based on a global social media study among youngsters, InSites Consulting, 2014 60 Call to Action Examples 10/18/12, Smith, P.R, SOSTAC Digital Marketing Planning Guide, 2014, Stokes, R.,E-Marketing, 5th ed., 2013, B00I9FJENM#reader B00I9FJENM #passion4digital

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