Chemical and Physical Properties of Matter 8th Grade Physical

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Chemical and Physical Properties of Matter 8th Grade Physical Science Cooper Middle School

Physical Properties A physical property of matter can be observed or measured without changing the matter’s identity. Some physical properties are color, odor, mass, volume, magnetism, ability to conduct current, strength, flexibility. Ex – Will your books fit into you backpack? You are using the physical property of volume.

Physical property definitions Thermal conductivity – is the rate at which a substance transfer heat. Ex. Styrofoam is a poor conductor. State of Matter – solid, liquid, or gas Density – the mass per unit of volume. Ex. Lead is very dense so it is used to make an anchor.

Physical Property definition cont. Solubility – is the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance. Ex. Kool-Aid power dissolves is water. Ductility – is the ability of a substance to be pulled into a wire. Ex. Copper is often used to make wiring because it is ductile. Malleability – is the ability of a substance to be rolled or pounded into thin sheets. Aluminum can be rolled into sheets to make foil.

Physical Changes A physical change is a change that affects one or more physical properties of a substance. Ex. A piece of silver is pounded and molded into a heartshaped pendent. (it is still silver) Ex. – changing from a liquid to a solid (or any phase change) Ex. – crushing an Aluminum can. It is still aluminum, just the shape has changed. Ex – Sawdust – it is still wood – only in smaller pieces.

Chemical properties Chemical properties describe matter based on its ability to change into new matter that has different properties. Ex. – burning wood

Some chemical properties Flammability – is the ability of a substance to burn. (wood can burn, but ash and smoke cannot) Reactivity – is the ability of two or more substances to combining and form one or more new substances.

Physical Properties vs. Chemical Properties A nail will bend – physical property being changed is shape A nail will rust – chemical property being changed is composition (iron is reacting with oxygen to make iron oxide - rust) Alcohol will evaporate – physical change of state Alcohol will burn – chemical change – it is not alcohol any more.

How do I know that a chemical change is taking place? There will be a change is odor, color, heat will be either absorbed or released, the substance will bubble or fizz, light or sound may be given off. Ex. Soured milk Alka-Seltzer tablets fizzing car rusting cake baking chemical reaction going on in your body.

Can physical and chemical changes be reversed? Physical changes are easily reversed. You can melt ice and then freeze it again. Chemical changed are not easily reversed. When a firework explodes it would be almost impossible to put the materials back together.

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