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Chrome River

Chrome River & Purchasing Cards Chrome River is an online expense management solution that will manage all Travel and Purchasing Card Transactions and replace all paper Travel Settlement Forms and P-Card Packets Travelers and Purchasing Card holders will be able to electronically manage their receipts and transactions using a computer or mobile device Original receipts no longer need to be turned in for approval

Chrome River & Purchasing Cards Reports are submitted electronically and automatically route to the appropriate approvers (by email) and then to the Travel or P-Card Office Users can track where their report is in the process at any time Using this system simplifies delivering reports, attaching receipts, obtaining approval, and providing business purposes This training will focus on Purchasing Card Expense Reports

What’s Different US Bank’s Access Online site will no longer be used to allocate purchases. Cardholders no longer need to use Access Online to view statements or transaction logs. No originals or hard copies of receipts or reports should be submitted. Approval will be emailed and must be submitted electronically. Approval routings are automatically assigned in the system based on College policies and procedures. Travel expenses made on a p-card should not be included on a PCard Expense Report. Those charges should be included on the appropriate travel settlement. Due dates and expense reports are now on a calendar month, not cycle dates.

What’s The Same Purchasing cards are still issued by US Bank, you will not receive a new credit card and all customer service contact information remains the same. You are still required to submit itemized receipts for each transaction. Receipts must be legible. Every purchase must have a clear business purpose. All purchases must be approved. Allocations and reports must be completed on time. The Small Dollar Guidelines were last revised in May 2020 and still apply to all P-Card purchases.

Verbiage Guide P-Card Expense Report P-Card Packet Approver BCM/Supervisor/VP/Travel Office/P-Card Office Warning: A compliance warning indicates that additional information is required before the report can be submitted for approval and processing. Compliance warnings may be encountered when saving a line item or when submitting an entire report. Violation: A compliance violation indicates that the report cannot be submitted for approval based on the policies defined in the system. A compliance violation may be encountered when saving a line item or submitting an entire report. eWallet: The eWallet is where you will find all of your p-card transactions and uploaded receipts.

Verbiage Guide Delegate: Create Expense Reports and Pre-Approvals for another person and access their Settings menu, Home screen and Inquiry Reports. You will receive copies of any email notifications regarding rejection or adjustment of reports. However, you will not be able to approve reports that are routed to that person. Approval Delegate: Temporarily approve Expenses Reports, and/or Pre-Approvals for another person—for example, when he or she is on vacation—via email. You will not be able to access their home screen. This must be approved by the Controller’s Office.

Expense Reports Expense Reports replace all paper “packets” It is recommended that you create your draft P-Card report at the start of the month and add charges and receipts as they are incurred throughout the month Expense reports must include all transactions from the previous calendar month. The only transactions that may be excluded are travel purchases, which should be placed on a travel expense report Conference registrations should be included on the P-Card expense report, not a travel expense report

New Due Dates A P-Card expense report must be completed every month your purchasing card has activity. This includes both debits and credits Expense reports must be submitted by 10th of the following month and BCMs should approve by the 15th If your card has no activity you do not need to submit and expense report P-Card transactions will not post to Banner until the cardholder has submitted their expense report and the report has been approved by all necessary approvers, including the P-Card Office. Charges will no longer post to a default Index/Account if no reconciliation is completed by the card allocator. Therefore, it is very important that expense reports are submitted and that approvers review and approve expense reports by their due dates P-Card limits are still based on US Bank Cycle dates and limits will refresh on the 26th of the month

Logging in to Chrome River To access Chrome River, visit the Chrome River website or click the link in MySLCC. The system uses single sign-on. If prompted, you will use your College User ID and password to log in. Chrome River can be accessed from any mobile device through a web browser or through the Chrome River app. If you’re having trouble logging in please contact the P-Card Specialist

Account Codes All charges must be allocated in Chrome River, allocations are no longer entered with US Bank Allocating all charges is mandatory, each charge will need you to assign an index and account code For information on which index to use please work with your supervisor There is a new Account Code Definition document to accompany Chrome River on the purchasing card website If you are unsure which account code should be used please work with your supervisor, P-Card Specialist, or the Controller’s Office

Chrome River & Allocations Chrome River groups all account codes by expense category There are no longer any default index or account codes, each transaction must be allocated. Chrome River will remember frequently used indexes

Home Screen Navigation Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar Menu Button – Clicking on the Menu Button will expand a menu offering access to submitted receipts, P-Card charges, expense and Pre-Approval reports, approvals (if applicable), inquiry functionality, and admin settings Chrome River Logo – Users can click this logo at any point to return to the Home Screen New Button – Clicking this button will provide the option to create either a PreApproval or expense report User Icon – Clicking this will expand a menu providing access to administrative settings, help resources, and logging out. Additionally, if another user has provided you delegate access to their account, you can log in to their account through this menu

Dashboard Approvals -Appears for any users with a report awaiting their approval. Users who are not approvers will not see this box, and once an approver has approved all reports in their queue, this box will disappear. Expenses – Access draft expense reports, expense reports returned from an approver for updates/corrections, or any expense reports submitted by the user in the last 90 days. Reports submitted more than 90 days ago can be accessed through Chrome River’s Inquiry functionality. Pre-Approval – Pre-Approval is only required for travel expense reports

Chrome River Apps An application does not need to be installed on your phone in order to use Chrome River on a mobile device. The full Chrome River site is available by visiting the Chrome River website or clicking the link in MySLCC. You may choose to install Chrome River’s app on an Apple or Android device. The app offers the same experience as the website. If you only want to upload receipts using your mobile device there is a second app called Chrome River Snap that’s only function is to photograph receipts and upload them. Chrome River Snap cannot be used to create or approve expense reports. Chrome River snap cannot be used as a delegate.

Options to Upload Receipts Upload using the Chrome River website Upload using the CR Snap App (available in the app store) Upload using Chrome River Mobile (either app or website) Upload via email to [email protected] We recommend adding receipts throughout the month as the purchases are made. This will simplify creating your expense report and reduce the chance of misplacing a receipt.

Tips for Clear Receipt Photos Place receipt on a white background When photographing multiple receipts, orient them all in the same direction Leave a gap of at least 1.5 inches between receipts Make sure no other objects are visible in the photo Do not use flash Review your photos as you take them to make sure the photo is not blurry and the receipts information is not cut off

Delegates Adding a delegate allows another users to create expense reports for you Delegates have access to your home screen, settings, and inquiry reports If someone has assisted you with US Bank in the past you may want add them as a delegate in Chrome River Delegates are a helpful feature however the submission of expense reports is the responsibility of the cardholder

Adding a Delegate To add a delegate, click on the User Icon with your name on the right side of the Navigation Bar and click Settings. Under Delegate Settings, click Add New Delegates Begin typing the user’s name and it will appear in the dropdown menu. Click on his or her name to add them as a delegate. You may add as many delegates as you would like.

Warnings & Violations Compliance warnings indicate that additional information is needed before submitting your expense report. Respond to the warning by either modifying the data (if there is an error) or replying to explain the warning. A compliance violation indicates that the expense cannot be submitted for approval and payment based on College policies. A compliance violation may be encountered when saving a line item or submitting an entire expense report for approval. Compliance violations and warnings help cardholders submit complete documentation and help prevent approvers needing to return reports.

Tracking Reports Users can track the current status of any previously submitted Pre-Approval or expense report at any time. From the Dashboard, select the Submitted Report link. Reports can be recalled by the user if they want to change or add additional information. Reports or line items on the report may also be returned to by approver. View the comments on the returned item to see why it was returned and make the requested changes.

Approval Chrome River will email all approvers to notify them that they have an expense report to review Approvers are able to approve all of the expenses on the report or return all expenses directly from their email If an approver would like to return just some line items on the report they must log into the Chrome River website or app Approvers should adjust returned reports that have insufficient business purposes or receipts Approvers should return reports if there are charges they do not understand or approve Approvers should provide an explanation in the comments for why the report was returned so that the user can correct the problem

Additional Training Resources For more information on how to upload receipts, create reports, manage approvals, and more please refer to the step-by-step tutorial in the Chrome River User Manual For one-on-one assistance creating your first purchasing expense report please contact the P-Card Specialist at (801) 957-4256 or by emailing [email protected] For assistance with travel pre-approvals and travel expense reports please contact the College Travel Specialist at (801) 957-4613 or [email protected]

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