Conway First Investment Club Carleton H. Brown, President

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Conway First Investment Club Carleton H. Brown, President

About BetterInvesting BetterInvesting is a non-profit organization providing investment information, education and support that empowers members to become successful, lifetime investors. Founded in 1951, BetterInvesting has provided investment education to more than five million people and is a charter member of the World Federation of Investors, which provides investment education in over 17 countries worldwide. BetterInvesting currently has 161,670 members. Of these, 129,081 belong to one of 16,174 local BetterInvesting clubs, which provide networking and practical investing experience for members nationwide.

BetterInvesting Cont. Investment Clubs: The average investment club is four years old and has 11 members The average club member invests 84 per month through club programs The average club invests 927 of member funds monthly The average investment club portfolio is worth 86,700 Regional Chapters: BetterInvesting has 95 regional chapters supported by over 1,700 volunteers. Regional chapters plan, organize and present investment seminars, workshops, computer events and investor fairs throughout the year. BetterInvesting programs and member services are designed to complement the organization's four core investing principles:. Invest a set amount regularly Reinvest earnings dividends and profits Invest in quality growth stocks and equity mutual funds Diversify your investments

Conway First Investment Club & Central Arkansas Chapter CFIC is a community of like-minded people committed to becoming better, more informed investors. CFIC is a registered partnership that was officially formed by a group of professional individuals in Oct. of 2006. CFIC plans to invest its partners’ money in stocks for the education and benefit of the partners. The goal of the partners is to learn how to effectively select companies for investment, and to profit and learn from the experience. Proud members of the Central Arkansas Chapter of BetterInvesting.

What Membership Can Mean: When you join an investment club, plan to stay a member until your retirement years. Be aware: In the first year or two, many clubs show losses or only small gains. However, as members become more knowledgeable and the amount of money under management grows, gains often begin to increase exponentially. Results of that knowledge: Typically, when a club forms, only two members own personal portfolios. After five years, almost all do. Currently, nine out of ten NAIC club members buy securities for their own accounts in addition to making club investments.

Member Expectations Formal Education Program 4-5 hours/month study time Attend local Chapter classes Members committed to long-term program A club is a way to invest for your future -by building both your knowledge and investment PROFITS with others.

Member Expectations Learn to analyze stocks Take a turn presenting stock purchase consideration Be a willing Stock Watcher and report on companies Pay club dues promptly Complete homework and assignments in a timely manner Help with the annual audit Be willing to train for and take a turn as an officer

It’s A Partnership A Partner is a person who has signed the Partnership Agreement, been voted into the club, and signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Partnership Agreement and By-laws of the Club.

Partnership Agreement Partnership Agreement Broad Objectives/Club Philosophy Outlined Legal document controlling club Partner’s Capital Accounts Management Sharing of Profits & Losses Accounting Withdrawing criteria -associated fees Voting criteria -majority percentage Modified infrequently Signed by all members who receive copies

Mission Statement, Objective, & Key Principles Mission Statement: Invest the partners’ money using a long-term approach in stocks with the goal of maximizing return while minimizing risk and for the education and benefit of the partners. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme in terms of financial awards. We are dedicated to helping our family, friends, and ourselves achieve better lives through a coming together as individuals to pursue financial security, education, and camaraderie. Objective: To educate all partners in the areas of investing and the stock market, achieving at least an average of 14.9% compounded annual growth rate on all securities through long-term capital appreciation, with moderate to high-risk acceptance. Key Principles: Invest Regularly, Regardless of the Market Outlook Reinvest All Earnings Invest in Growth Companies Diversify to Reduce Risks

Officers: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer General Board Member General Board Member Committees: Club Committees encourage preparation work before meetings allow more efficient meetings & stimulate discussion Club Committees: Education Verification (conduct an annual verification of the records ).

Club Committees: Stock Presentation Committee Presents 1-2 stocks each month Presents an Industry Study each month Food/Refreshments Committee Responsible for food and/or drinks Stock Watcher Committee Follow up on club holdings Member who recommended stock should not follow that company once it is bought Remember that investment clubs work so well because several people share the work

By-Laws: A partner should thoroughly read and be familiar with the CFIC By-Laws. The ByLaws include but not limited to: Partner definition & responsibilities Meetings Procedures for transactions (buy & sell) Guests invite Contributions New members Withdrawal of a member

How Many Members? Ideally, a club should be big enough for members to divide the work without it becoming burdensome for any individual, yet small enough to give everyone a sense of direct involvement and personal interest. Therefore, our club will not exceed twenty members.

Next Meeting: Time & Place: January 28th, 2006 Old Business: Membership New Business: Speaker: Mr. Tom Martinka, President of Central Arkansas Chapter of NAIC Philosophy of Long-Term Investing How to Analyze Stocks (SSG)

Where Do I Sign Up? Q & A Adjournment Enrollment & Club Social Time!

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