CREEK/HSR&D Meeting with Integrated Veteran Care (IVC) Office August

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CREEK/HSR&D Meeting with Integrated Veteran Care (IVC) Office August 30th, 2022

Meeting Attendees HSR&D: Drs. David Atkins and Amanda Borsky (Portfolio Manager, Healthcare Organization, Implementation and Systems Modeling, Design and Delivery) CREEK: Drs. Kristin Mattocks, Megan Vanneman, Denise Hynes, Michelle Mengeling, Amy Rosen IVC: Drs. Miguel Lapuz (Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Office of Integrated Care), Sachin Yende, Julianne Flynn

Broad Goals of IVC/CREEK Meeting 1. To understand the overarching mission of the Integrated Veteran Care Office 2. To understand how HSR&D researchers can work with IVC 3. To understand research needs/questions of IVC

Spotlight Objectives of IVC 1. Accelerate provision of care, both in the direct and Community Care system 2. Ensure integrated and robust care coordination, both in the direct and Community Care system 3. Improve access in the VA, but also to optimize Veteran access in general, including in Community Care. 4. Generally, how to be smarter about make vs. buy decisions. 5. Value-based care is a priority.

IVC Perspectives VA cannot sustain recent growth of Community Care ( 27 billion in current year), and so VA should consider novel models to bring back some of that care. Some thoughts include: Telemedicine Regional models (hubs) for subspecialty care Can we incentivize providers to provide better quality care? Crucially important to continue to understand whether there are differences in outcomes between Community and VA care. Veterans continue to be unhappy with fragmentation of care and the “administrative burden” Veterans experience when they get care in the community (e.g. billing issues).

Identified Areas of Research Need for IVC How effective is telehealth as a substitute for in-person care? How does telehealth compare to community care for certain conditions? More comparisons between outcomes/quality of direct care vs. community care. Improved metrics to compare direct care to community care. Veteran Service Organizations very interested in this. Need a better understanding of how Veterans are gauging their Community Care experiences beyond satisfaction. Not clear how Veterans are assessing their outcomes of Community Care.

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