Employment @ Oakland University Staying in Compliance with

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Employment @ Oakland University Staying in Compliance with New Regulations

Presentors Gail Ryckman University Human Resources - Employment Services Kathryn Wrench Grants, Contracts & Sponsored Research Leigh Settlemoir Dzwik Academic Human Resources Roger Maki-Schramm Student Financial Services/Student Employment Office Julie Delaney Graduate Study & Lifelong Learning Michele St. Denis Accounts Payable David Archbold International Students & Scholars

Employment @ Oakland University Purpose of this Meeting Introduce Educate Reinforce

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Government Agencies E-Verify Mandated Compliance Automated process Data to DHS Immediately Including the start date Automated authorization to work

Employment @ Oakland University Will E-Verify Affect Me? You are darn right it does! Zero tolerance on late paperwork DO NOT allow employees to work without authorization

Government Agencies Department of Homeland Security – Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Audits Failure to Comply Civil Money Penalties Up to 1,100 per violation Loss of grants and contracts

Employment @ Oakland University What Can We Do To Help? Train Answer questions We can’t help you if you don’t help us.

Employment @ Oakland University Types of Employment Faculty/Researchers (AHR) Student (Student FS – SEO) Graduate Assistant (Grad Study) Staff (UHR)

Office of Grants, Contract and Sponsored Research Why is E-Verify required and how will it affect me? Contract Clause 52.222-54 implements use of E-Verify to confirm authorization to work in the U.S.; E-Verify is designed to reduce violations of U.S. immigration law; The requirement applies to all OU employees, not just personnel funded by federal research agreements. The requirement affects all new hires and some existing employees.

The largest portion (about 70%) of program cost in sponsored research is personnel. E-Verify significantly affects the hiring process; Personnel required to be verified as authorized to work in the U.S. are; Yes: Yes: Yes: Yes: Yes: Yes: No: Faculty Student Workers – Graduate and Undergraduate Visiting Scholars Staff All Other Employment Classifications Subcontracted personnel at other institutions Consultants are not employees and are not required to be E-Verified, refer to APP#262

Office of Grants, Contract and Sponsored Research All personnel working on existing federal contracts that contain Clause 52.222-54 are required to initiate E-Verify confirmation within 30 days. All newly hired OU personnel are required to be initiate E-Verify confirmation within 3 days of hire.

Office of Grants, Contract and Sponsored Research E-Verify affects the ability to begin work on a contract. Because NEW EMPLOYEES ARE REQUIRED TO BE E-VERIFIED WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE START OF WORK, you may not begin work prior to verification. E-Verify affects cost transfers. Because EXISTING EMPLOYEES ARE REQUIRED TO BE E-VERIFIED WITHIN 30 DAYS, retroactive cost transfers beyond 30 days of the start of work on a federal contract will not be approved. E-Verify affects subcontracting work to another entity. Because OU IS RESPONSIBLE TO CONFIRM SUBCONTRACTOR COMPLIANCE with E-Verify, we must confirm subcontractor EVerify registration and obtain their assurance of compliance.

Academic Human Resources AHR assists the academic departments with the employment of: Academic Administrators & Deans – AA & DD Full-time faculty– FF & VF Part-time faculty – LS, LL & CE Researchers – YY (appts over 6 months)

Academic Human Resources Hiring Department: Continues to gather all documents and information indicated on the new hire checklist, with the exception of the I-9. Directs new faculty member to: I-9 Fair for I-9 / E-verification during peak semester hiring AHR office for I-9 / E-verification during semester Adjust hiring timeline to allow for new faculty member to be E-verified BEFORE they begin work

Academic Human Resources AHR: Has new faculty member fill out Section 1 of I9 form Views acceptable identification documents and completes Section 2 of I-9 form Runs E-verification process Advises faculty member & hiring department of confirmation status and steps to resolving a non-confirmation (if necessary)

Academic Human Resources REHIRES: General Rule: If a current employee is being hired into a new employee class on a new payroll, a second I-9 and E-verification will be required. They cannot begin their new position without their “ticket” to work. Ex. GA (graduate assistant) moves to an LL (part-time lecturer)

Student Financial Services Student Employment Office Types of Student Employment Federal College Work-Study – 75/25 Regular Student Employment – 0/100

Student Financial Services Student Employment Office Fall/Winter Must be current or admitted, degree seeking OU student Requires at least half-time enrollment 6 credits – undergraduate 4 credits - graduate Federal College Work-Study and Regular Student Employment Maximum 25 hours per week total (not per position) International Students and Graduate Assistants are limited to 20 hours per week.

Student Financial Services Student Employment Office Summer Must be current degree seeking OU student Continuing students enrolled previous winter semester (not graduated) and pre-registered for fall. Summer enrollment is not required. FICA charged to non-enrolled students New admit must be enrolled for summer Regular Student Employment only May not exceed 40 hours per week total(not per position)

Student Financial Services Student Employment Office How to Hire Students Department posts job at www.OUCareerLink.com Department interviews and determines students to hire Department submits a student requisition to SEO 1-2 day processing – eligibility verification, set up in Banner Work Referral and email to department – student may now work

Graduate Study & Lifelong Learning GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP STRUCTURE Graduate assistantship funds are used to support full-time, degree seeking graduate students All graduate assistantships have a service obligation for which the student receives a stipend. Stipends vary according to program AND level (doctoral and masters) Full appointments (.50 FTE) require 20 hours of service per week from the student Half appointments (.25 FTE) require 10 hours of service per week from the student

Graduate Study & Lifelong Learning TUITION REDUCTION BENEFIT A tuition reduction is provided with the Graduate Assistantship for each semester during the term of appointment A full appointment (20hrs service) receives 8-credits A half appointment (10hrs service) receives 4-credits The tuition reduction applies to graduate courses that satisfy the requirements of the student’s graduate degree. ALL graduate assistants are expected to maintain a full-time enrollment status (8-credits) at Oakland University during each semester for which they are appointed.

Graduate Study & Lifelong Learning RESPONSIBILITY OF HIRING DEPARTMENT Administers the review and selection process for graduate assistantship appointments. Prepares and sends the Graduate Assistantship Agreement and Letter of Offer to selected appointments Submits to Graduate Study the Graduate Assistantship Agreement signed by the student as acceptance of the appointment Notifies new Graduate Assistants that he or she cannot begin work until the I-9 form and the employment verification process is completed (and approved)

Graduate Study & Lifelong Learning RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT Student website) downloads the I-9 form (available on GradStudy Completes Brings section 1 of the I-9 form the I-9 form to Graduate Study (511 O’Dowd Hall) Presents proper section 2 I-9 identification documents Students CANNOT begin work until the I-9 form and the employment verification process is completed (and approved) by Graduate Study

Graduate Study & Lifelong Learning RESPONSIBILITY OF GRADUATE STUDY Ensures section 1 of I-9 form is complete Completes Performs section 2 of I-9 with the student present the E-Verify check Reports non-confirmation errors to student for action Notifies department student NOT authorized to work Graduate Study must complete the employment verification process within 3 days of the GA Agreement start date

University Human Resources Types of Employment Regular – 20-40 hours per week in a position with benefits Temporary – 20-40 hours per week for a limited period Casual – 19 hours per week or less for an indefinite period

University Human Resources

University Human Resources Helpful Tools Administrative Policies and Procedures – Policy 770 – Temporary Employees and Casual Employees Managers’ Toolkit (UHR website) – Getting Started – Creating an Employment Requisition for a Temporary or Casual Position

University Human Resources Department Responsibility Insure that requisition is complete with appropriate information Funding available? Forward for approvals Direct new hire to UHR for onboarding paperwork

University Human Resources Department Responsibility When the requisition is authorized and approved and employee has completed paperwork, UHR will email authorization to begin work. DO NOT allow employee to begin work without authorization from UHR.

University Human Resources Staff Payroll Cycles Hourly – Department submits a time sheet with the hours worked. This occurs every other week. Monthly – (exception basis only) Employee is paid a set amount per month.

University Human Resources Ending Assignments Temporary: 6 month maximum Casual: 19 hours per week maximum Termination or Change of Status Rehires

Accounts Payable / IC vs Employee Consultant (Independent Contractor) or Employee? All individuals should be considered employees unless independent contractor status can be proven. Status should be determined before work begins and before entering into an agreement for services to comply with E-Verify.

Accounts Payable / IC vs Employee Consultant (Independent Contractor) or Employee? To determine if your payee can be considered an Independent Contractor, you must complete a Classification Checklist, which will be part of the updated version of OU AP&P 262 in April 2010. Contact Jim Ollar at [email protected] or X2357 to obtain the checklist until the new policy is published.

Accounts Payable / IC vs Employee Consultant (Independent Contractor) or Employee? Jim Ollar will make the classification determination within 5 business days of receiving the checklist and email the final determination to the department. The approved Classification Checklist indicating that the payee is not an employee is now a requirement to pay independent contractors through Accounts Payable.

International Students & Scholars I. ISSO Categories a) STUDENTS i. Levels PhD, Graduate, Undergraduate, (ESL not allowed to work) ii. Visa types handled by ISSO 1. F-1 Degree-seeking student 2. J-1 Exchange student (one or two semesters) 3. Change of Status Application to F-1 (usually from H-1b work visa, H-4 dependent status ) b) SCHOLARS i. J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa ii. Sponsored by a department and/or faculty member iii. Duration of stay at OU 1. 2. Short-term 6 months or less (may not be extended) Long-term more than 6 months

International Students & Scholars II. International Student Employment a) On-campus i. 20-hours(not 25 like domestic students) limit total per week for all work (Fall and Winter, Undergraduate and Graduate) ii. 40-hour limit during summer iii. Graduate Assistantship – Processed cooperatively through Graduate Study and ISSO to ensure no violations of Fall/Winter 20-hour limit iv. J-1 Exchange students must have prior ISSO approval to work (The J-1 student Employment tracking form must be turned into the ISSO) v. ISSO changes international mailing addresses (local, primary, FO, HR, Billing) EXCEPT not University Housing OR Payroll, which requires department to initiate and authorize vi. H-4’s and F-2’s are not allowed to work! J-2 dependents can only work with prior approval from USCIS and the ISSO

International Students & Scholars III. J-1 Processing Administrative Departments 1. Academic Human Resources (AHR) : J-1 Scholars at OU for more than 6 months 2. University Human Resources (UHR) : J-1 Scholars at OU for 6 months or less 3. International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) : F-1 and J-1 Students and J-1 Visiting Scholars 4. Sponsoring Academic Departments 5. Auxiliary Departments a) Payroll (Departments must authorize pay check address changes) b) Graduate Study (CPT Employment applications) c) Housing d) Graham Health Center e) Admissions (students only) f) Dean’s Office generates for scholars only the G# g) Social Security number request (There is a 10 day waiting period for applying from the date of arrival in the U.S.)

International Students & Scholars J1 Scholar Process Flow Chart Stage I – Initiation of prospective hire by Sponsoring Professor/PI (Principle Investigator) Stage II – Authorization by Dept. Chair Stage III – Generation of Letter of Offer by Dean’s Office at request of Dept. Chair Stage IV – Circulation of DS-2019 Application form for authorization signatures Stage V – Submission of DS-2019 Application to ISSO Stage VI – Departmental preparations for J-1 Arrival Stage VII – J-1 “Post-Doc” Academic Researcher Arrival Stage VIII – Duration of Stay Stage IX – Departure (ISSO Exit survey) Stage X – Return possibilities

International Students & Scholars J1 Scholar Scenarios 1. A professor meets a talented chemistry post doc at a conference in the Ukraine with funding from his Govt. and they discuss him coming to work at Oakland University for six months. The professor completes the J-1 application for visiting scholars and professors and he requests a short term visiting scholar stay. He secures an offer letter for the Dean of his school and the other required signatures. He then submits all the complete paperwork to the ISSO for processing. Two weeks later, the DS-2019 is sent to the scholar at the home address indicated on the ISSO request form. The professor arrives and has his initial visit with the ISSO advisor and purchases OU/ISSO sponsored Maksin insurance at rate of 144 per month for six months and is then registered in SEVIS. He gives the ISSO his G# which was processed by the Deans office. He now has an active file in the ISSO. 2. A professor wants to hire a scholar from China and completes the J-1 application for visiting scholars and professors. Then, he processes the paperwork through the Engineering Department and get the Dean’s offer letter along with all other signatures. The paperwork is submitted to the ISSO. This time the scholar is paid by a U.S. government grant and then meets with the ISSO for an initial visit. The scholar has a G number already processed by the Dean’s secretary and he is registered in SEVIS. The scholar is then taken down to the benefits office where his health benefits are explained. She then shows the ISSO proof of OU’s insurance and she purchases a 48 rider from the ISSO for medial evacuation and repatriation and she is all set.

Employment @ Oakland University

Employment @ Oakland University Questions?

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