Equita Mortgage Group “Preserving Your Financial Future”

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Equita Mortgage Group “Preserving Your Financial Future”

Our Promise to You We will tailor an affordable mortgage protection plan that protects your most treasured assets – Your Family and Your Home.

We Represent the Top Insurers in Mortgage Protection Market We go to work for you! We will select the product and company that best fits your budget and your needs.

Consider These Questions Can your family continue to pay mortgage payments if you’re no longer able? What will happen to your family income if you die or become disabled? Will your investments or savings cover your family’s monthly expenses?

Losing Your Home Is a Real Risk Most people lose their homes through: Death One of every 10 Americans become unemployed this year period of 6 months or more will for a Critical Illness die Unemployment 56 out of every 1000 people before age 50 Last year more than 1.2 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer Disability You have a 1 in 3 chance of being disabled in excess of 90 days before you reach 65

Traditional Mortgage Protection Decreasing Term Insurance Premium stays level while benefit decreases with mortgage balance Bank or Mortgage Company Is Beneficiary All benefits are paid to bank/mortgage company You Pay Premiums, Bank gets benefits Coverage is not transferable or portable Accidental Death Insurance Least expensive insurance often with limited coverage (less than 2% of all deaths are caused by accident)

Mortgage Protection Plan Features Death Benefit remains level. Covers any kind of death. Natural or accidental (Suicide after 2 years) Choice of Beneficiary Premiums are Guaranteed for full term Leave the money to your family. Coverage is portable and transferable. Accidental Death Benefits Available Premiums do not increase. Children’s coverage through One Affordable Rider

Living Benefit Options Disability Pays monthly benefit should you become disabled Waiver of premium Involuntary unemployment Pays your policy premium if you become disabled Will waive your policy premium up to six months Critical Illness Accelerated death benefit of up to 50% of the face amount Money Back Option Receive a refund of ALL of your premiums paid at the end of policy term

Your Promise to Your Family Not to go. UNPROTECTED You never know when something might happen. What would family do if you did not make it home?

Equita Mortgage Group Thank You for Your Time and Attention.

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