FTAG: Office 365 Presentation February 13, 2013 J. Brice Bible

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FTAG: Office 365 Presentation February 13, 2013 J. Brice Bible Chief Information Officer 1

Outlook Live to Office 365 Upgrade Microsoft is requiring all Outlook Live customers to upgrade to Office 365 Affects Undergrad Students, Alumni and Admits Proposed upgrade date is May 18th – First Saturday of Summer Semester 2

Outlook Live to Office 365 Upgrade OIT has been working with Microsoft to understand the impact to Outlook Live users – – – – Rolling outage Password will change to OHIO ID/Password May need to update password on mobile device SkyDrive account will become a personal account, retaining the Outlook Live password – Quota increases from 10GB to 25GB – Office 365 logo in the top left instead of Ohio branding 3

Employee Email Next Steps Current email environment – Outlook Live (Office 365) – Outsourced email and calendar for undergrads and alumni – Exchange 2007 on-premise email and calendar for employees, grad students, retirees, emeriti and guests Issues with our current environment Options – Office 365 – Microsoft-hosted – Upgrade our on-premise Exchange server 4

OIT Recommendation Office 365 offers many efficiency gains and feature enhancements as well as potential risks OIT hassuccessfully been running an outsourced email system for over 200,000 students and alumni since 2008 The decision on the future of email hosting at Ohio University is an institutional decision – OIT, Distributed IT, Executives, Deans, FTAG, Legal, Risk Management OIT recommends a consolidated email environment hosted on Office 365. If the risks of moving employee email to Office 365 outweigh the benefits, OIT recommends upgrading our current on-premise Exchange environment and revisiting this decision at a later point in time 5

Office 365 – Email/Calendar Pros – Office 365 is a free service from Microsoft – 25 GB quotas – All email accounts (employee, undergrad, grad, alumni) hosted on a single system Solves email account lifecycle management issues – Disaster recovery is part of SLA – Enhanced communication and collaboration services – Office 365 suite (optional, possibly with additional cost) – Office 365 is compliant with many world-class industry security standards, and verified by 3rd parties (HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA) – Standardize OIT infrastructure for future outsourcing /federation initiatives – Contractual commitment to no email content mining 6

Office 365 – Email/Calendar Outsourcing Risks/Concerns – – – – – – Security and compliance issues (HIPAA, etc.) – BAA contract Litigation holds Where data is physically hosted Who has access to data Support – response time, escalation, etc. We don’t have complete control over the environment as we would an onpremise system (upgrades, maintenance windows, etc.) – Exit strategy – Office 365 is a relatively new service from Microsoft Technical Concerns – – – – – Bandwidth End to end problem management Spam management Compromised accounts/sending limits Outages 7

Upgrade to Exchange 2010 500,000 estimated project cost – 10 GB quotas Pros – We control outage windows, access to data, etc. – Troubleshooting is easier – Easier to provide customer support Cons – Smaller mailbox size relative to Office 365 – Need to engineer for DR – Staffing requirements to manage and support Exchange environment – Storage and backup costs are higher – More difficult to manage two separate email systems 8

Office 365 References Uptime for Office 365 – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/mstore-uptime.aspx Certifications and standards: – SO-27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA-BAA and FISMA, and verified by 3rd party auditors – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/independently-verified.aspx Security Audits and Certifications: – http://g.microsoftonline.com/0BXPS00EN/1163 Office 365 Trust Center: – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/trust-center.aspx#fbid ktU5-iGjJE5 Data Use Limits – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/trust-center.aspx#fbid ktU5iGjJE5 and Geographic Boundaries: – Where MS stores data and how they use it (refer to ‘Americas’ section) – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/trust-center.aspx#fbid ktU5-iGjJE5 9

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