Information Technology, Informatics, & Information Science How do they

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Information Technology, Informatics, & Information Science How do they relate to each other?

Information Technology Concerned with 4 processes – Information creation or capture – Information transmission – Information storage How badly we want the information to be retrievable How the information was initially packaged – Management and control of information flow and creation of systems to accomplish this task

What else about Informatics? The term has increasingly been used to describe the application of information technology to other fields Has been emerging as an interdisciplinary field that is concerned with the study of the nature of information & technology Was regarded as the applied use of information science It’s more than a computer science or information science because it includes all aspects of the computer milieu and human behavior

What is Information Science? Some background: – Emerged around 1958 with the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS) – Various attempts to merge with other disciplines for a stronger scientific position such as : A move toward communication A merger with computer science

What is Information Science? Made up of 2 components: (practical) the study of gathering, organizing, storing, retrieving, & dissemination of information (theoretical) as a meta-field which analyzes the processes and domains of information

Information Science Attributes To be concerned with form, organization, & structure of information, only secondarily with the content To acknowledge the representation of information by indexing, or querying what a user needs is DIFFERENT from knowing the information Subject expertise a bonus, but unnecessary The information perspective is the ability to see the world at both the theoretical and practical levels

What is Information Theory? Many, many views expressed in the readings but all have a common thread that information scientists are interested in the structure of information. Information Science is interested in information as a social and psychological phenomenon with a primary focus on recorded information and people’s relationship to it.

3 Big Questions of Information Science 1. The physical question: What are the features and laws of the recorded information universe 2. The social question: How do people relate to, seek, and use information? 3. The design question: How can access to recorded information be made the most rapid and effective?

Problems Defining Information Science Relatively new discipline Draws multi-talented people who are comfortable with various methodologies

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