Introduction to TigerPaw Ticketing System Welcome

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Introduction to TigerPaw Ticketing System Welcome to

The Municipal telephone exchange has a core process of working directly with agency assigned coordinators to process all telephony requests. This allows the City agencies to have a one stop shop for submitting requests which allows them to keep better records of each authorized service. The purpose of our ticketing system is to digitize records, provide reporting, and real-time updates for each order. Agency telephone coordinator receives user request. I.E. cell phone order, new user update, voicemail request, MiFi order, Micollab Softphone. Receive authorization to process the request and collect billing account number, signature on policy documents and next steps are to request service through the portal Coordinator will logon to to submit the request. Using city email account and password to access web portal and initiate service request.

While logged in the telephone coordinator will have access to view any existing orders submitted and review assigned technician’s updates and prepare the new request. There will also be posted periodic announcements on the Home page the MTE will use to provide info on training, device updates and general information.

While on the Home screen the user will also notice the contracts field which will have listed all the agency budget account numbers for billing. This offers them the opportunity to review prior to opening a service request to ensure proper billing. If the accurate BAN is not listed, we would require the TC to enter the correct number in the body of the order to be applied as needed.

Let’s get started! When selecting the service request radio button, you will be navigated to the body of your service request. As you will see the agency information is auto populated in the ticket so next steps are to provide a brief and detailed description of the request. Select the correct contract/BAN in the drop down to proceed.

Any required documentation can be attached to the body of the ticket as seen in the diagram. This would include CPR policy forms, excel spreadsheets or other information that could be helpful to proceed with the request. The scheduling option will allow the TC to set a date and time for access which due to current state could be helpful when requesting dispatch.

The service history tab will allow you to view and produce reports of your service request historical data. Printing of your orders can also be done from this page. Updates on ticket status can be retrieved in this area of the portal.

Within the service order details you can see an overview of your requests. The specific details of the order can be viewed in this area. Documents attached to your order can be accessible and electronic signatures can be provided on the order as well.

Important facts: The MTE will strive to provide as much information as possible within the portal for ease of service. In the days to come inventory items will be added to provide a visual of devices issued to the agency along with phone line and circuit details as well. This is another means of auditing services and equipment provided to the agency.

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