Introduction to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) By Shayna Ramouthar

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Introduction to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) By Shayna Ramouthar

What is WIL? Prepare students for the workplace. Give students an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in a work environment Real or Simulated. Reminder- This is a compulsory module, without completion students will not graduate.

Industry Placement Requirements:160 hours and a POE Elements to include in POE: – Title sheet

Industry Placement – Copy of ID – CV – Proof that they have completed the “Work Readiness Program – Confirmation letter (An original letter confirming their placement with the company’s stamp and contact details). – Self-Evaluation Report (Students need to reflect and evaluate their learning during WIL).

Industry Placement – Overall evaluation – Peer Evaluation Form – Supervisor Evaluation Report

Industry Placement – Industry log book – Other Evidence – Declaration of authenticity

What is my role? Students responsibility to find a suitable company commence workplace learning. Early sessions- stress the importance and repercussions of not completing WIL. Students are advised to commence seeking WIL from the ending of their second year.

What is my role? WIL Lecturer- assist students in finding placement, compiling documents and POE, a formal letter with the Rosebank letter head, stating the hours required for WIL and the purpose of WIL. list of companies with contact details that they could approach for WIL.

What is my role? I also strive to make industry contacts in order to get interviews for the students and to place them.

What is my role? Once an appropriate company is found for work placement, reiterate the purpose of WIL, what is expected on the student and employers, I would explain the documents required, hours needed and days students are available.

What is my role? On a weekly basis: – Check for evidence that students are researching, contacting, following up with companies, – Book studio time, – CV, cover letter and interview process, – WIL report.

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