Inventors, Inventions & Scientific Discoveries

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Inventors, Inventions & Scientific Discoveries Objective: Identify how people have made contributions to science Describe how scientific knowledge is an ongoing process Analyze the impact of major scientific developments that have occurred in the last decade Describe how major milestones in science or technology revolutionized the thinking of the time.

Famous Scientists Archimedes Aristotle Niels Bohr Nicolaus Copernicus Marie Curie Leonardo Da Vinci Rene Descartes Thomas Alva Edison Albert Einstein Percy Lavon Julian Benjamin Franklin Galileo Galilei Isaac Newton Max Planck Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Carl Sagen Nikola Tesla Edwin Hubble These are examples you can choose from but you are NOT limited to these scientists. You can choose an invention or an inventor. Get teacher approval before you begin your research.

Research Questions SAVE YOUR WORK TO “MY SERVER DOCUMENTS” 1. What is the invention? 2. Who invented it? 3. Where was he/she born? 4. What is their birth date? 5. What is their educational background? 6. What is their family background? 7. How have they contributed to science? 8. After researching your scientist/inventor do you think scientific knowledge changes over time? What evidence did you find to support or refute your opinion? You can create one slide per question and add additional slides for other interesting information that you find. You can add pictures, sound, short video (5 minutes or less) All information including sound, video, and text must be fifth grade appropriate. Include a title slide with your name and your inventor or invention name. You must turn in your rubric and your graphic organizer the day you present. Due date: October 2, Thursday.

Inventors, Inventions & Scientific Discoveries Links: Case Files Greatest inventors/inventions Timelines Ancient Inventions (choose 4) inventions/hsclist.htm

Inventors, Inventions & Scientific Discoveries Links: Invention Dimension Inventions A-Z inventions.htm Inventors A-Z inventors.htm People and Discoveries Zoom Inventors and Inventions

Evidence to Support Yes Claim Scientific knowledge changes over time Evidence to Refute No

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