Learning about loss and bereavement Lesson resource for Key Stage

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Learning about loss and bereavement Lesson resource for Key Stage 1 Lesson 1 of 2 Developed in conjunction with Brighton & Hove City Council PSHE Team

Lesson 1: How can we learn well together? Eyes for good looking Ears for good listening Brains for good thinking Mouths for good talking Hands and feet are still. Anything else that would help us do our best learning?

Ground rules Take turns to speak Listen carefully to each other We won’t share the names of our friends or family: say instead ‘Someone I know ’ or ‘My friend ’ You don’t have to answer Talk to an adult if you feel worried.

Today we are going to share a story about a child who feels sad and happy We are going to begin by discussing feeling happy and what makes us happy in school.

With your talk-partner How do you know when a friend feels happy? Who might a friend tell if they are feeling happy? If a friend felt sad or unhappy who could they ask for help?

The story we are going to share is about a child and their pet Let’s warm up our thinking! Tell your talk-partner about your pet or a pet you would like to have

Listen carefully to the story The story is about a child who has a pet mouse who dies. The child has happy and sad feelings. You might have feelings too when we read the story and that is ok. It is OK to ask for help or ask questions.

Let’s think about the story What are your first thoughts? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Can you tell your talk partner? Can you use the word because in your answer? Do you have any questions?

The child learns that the pet mouse was once alive and is now dead Why did the mouse die? What did the child’s dad think?

Let’s grow our understanding of what alive and dead means

How does the child feel? How did the child feel in the story? Why do you think the child is cross and angry? Who is the child cross with? Why do you think he feels sad?

Sometimes stories have messages In your group, can you explain how the words below relate to the story? Can you use one of these words in a sentence to explain how the child felt? Angry Love Dead Happy Sad Missing Gone Upset Alive

What have we learnt today? What did the child find out about the mouse? The child found out Can you finish the sentence with your talk partner? The mouse was alive but now How did the child feel about the death of the mouse? The child felt Was it OK to feel like that? Draw or write something to show your learning this lesson.

It’s OK to ask for help Who helped the child in the story? If you are left with strong feelings or if you have a question, who could you talk to? Who could you talk to in school?

in Breathe out for 3 3 Start here f or Br ea the ld Ho for 3 Let’s do some calming breathing to finish our lesson

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