Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Goals for NYS Grant Contracts

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Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Goals for NYS Grant Contracts

2 MWBE Requirement for Grantees The Department has established an MWBE goal of 30% on any grant contract valued over 25,000. This includes new contracts and renewal contracts. The Department’s standard M/WBE participation goal for grants is 30% of eligible expenses.

3/30/23 What are Not-For-Profit Eligible Expenses? Non Personal Services (NPS) costs in the budget that can be outsourced to a Minority and/or Women-owned Business Enterprise including: – Contractual Services – Equipment – Supplies 3

3/30/23 4 What are Municipality, Gov’t Entity or For-Profit Eligible Expenses? All are eligible and the MWBE goal is applied to the entire amount of expenditures. If the goal % cannot be met a Form#2 MWBE waiver will be necessary.

3/30/23 What is expected of Grantee? Review annual budget for MWBE eligible expenses If an NFP - Establish total NPS eligible expenses within the three Supplies, Contractual and Equipment. If any other entity type – the total value of expenditures is eligible 5

3/30/23 6 What is expected of Grantee? For expenses identified as eligible, grantees should: – search the M/WBE directory http://www.esd.ny.gov/MWBE.html – determine where M/WBE participation is possible in NPS categories Complete Form 1- Utilization Plan

3/30/23 7 What if I can’t meet 30% of eligible expenditures in Form 1? Complete Form 2, Waiver Request Form 2 requires the grantee to demonstrate due diligence in meeting the goal and generate applicable attachments. See Form 2 guidance for details.

3/30/23 8 Information for Subcontractors If any of your existing subcontractors are eligible and interested in certification, the process is described below: http ://www.esd.ny.gov/MWBE/Qualifications.html http://www.esd.ny.gov/MWBE/GetCertified.html

3/30/23 Summary of Steps Complete Form 1. Complete Form 2 if Form 1 does not propose a 30% goal. Submit your forms to DOH as directed below. 9

3/30/23 Example NFP Form 1: 10

3/30/23 11 Example Form 2: *Be sure to complete applicable attachments required with this Form.

3/30/23 12 Questions and Submission: Questions regarding the completion of the forms should be directed to your contract manager. Please have the forms completed, signed (if applicable), dated, and included with the submission of the COLA claim. Forms are not reviewed and approved in advance of the purchases subject to M/WBE. Rather the Budget Statement Report of Expenditures (BSROE) includes an additional attestation specific to M/WBE which must be completed and signed prior to submission of the claim.

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