MPA 600 Seminar on the Integration of Theories, Methods and

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MPA 600 Seminar on the Integration of Theories, Methods and Practices

MPA 600 SERVICE PROJECT: ALUMNI DATABASE & PROGRAM WEBSITE Louie F. Lacasella Teresa Gonzalez Vanessa Echevarria

THE PROBLEM Our Program Website

Their Program Website

Their Alumni Network

Our Alumni Network . .Currently Under development

OUR SERVICE TO THE MPA PROGRAM The goals of the service project were: (1) To create a CPP MPA Alumni Network Database (2) To enhance the MPA webpage


THE LITERATURE REVIEW Tarafdar and Zhang (2006) -Websites should be easy to use as in fun to use with visually appealing graphics, multimedia and other interactive elements (e.g. search engines) Cappel and Huang (2007) -Design features to promote usability include breadcrumb trail to show the current screen and back to the home page. Tan, Tung, Xu (2009) - Establishing websites identity became priority as a means to build organizational culture as the color usage or logos unify the users with the organization.

THE METHODOLOGY 1) Interviewed current MPA students (Qualitative): We as a group asked open ended questions to current MPA CPP students and assed what was desired of the MPA website, via email. 2) Interviewed Alumni of the program (Qualitative): Phone interviews/emails conducted from a specific sample. The sample was generated through a list of students who submitted a thesis/project and agree with providing information through the phone interviews/emails.



ANALYSIS MPA Alumni Survey: Survey for Current MPA Students:


CONCLUSION/ RECOMMENDATIONS The small sample sizes of only twelve responses contribute to the limitations with nine responses from Alumni and three from current students. Relationships were found between service offerings by alumni and ideas by current students. -Example: When asking current students what kind of resources they would like to see on the MPA website one student responded with comments for future conferences or seminars. A majority of Alumni are willing to offer their services through guest speaking. Although the sample size of respondent by MPA alumni is small, a recurring theme by the respondents is their generosity of making available their services in order to assist or promote helping current MPA students.

Thank You For Your Time Any Questions? “I'm excited that these things are going to happen and will make a big difference for so many students and alumni!” -Dr. Lisa Nelson

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