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Enter PubMed by doubleclicking in the scroll-box on the library home page. Type search terms into box on the main page. Tutorial. Save searches in My NCBI ‘cubby.’ Page 2 July 2005

Large number of hits. Click on ‘Details’ to show how PubMed translated the search. (You can modify the search by typing in the text box.) Page 3 July 2005

Click on ‘Limits’ to filter the search. Limits added in this search: - Clinical Trials - Adults over 19 years - Human subjects - Indexed in the last 2 years. Page 4

Number of hits is still quite large. (1220 from previous 240,165) Add ‘AND diet therapy’ to the search terms. (AND, OR, & NOT operators must be in all capitals.) Page 5

Number of hits is a manageable 39. (down from previous 1220 and 240,165) ‘Details’ has been updated. Page 6 July 2005

Select ‘Abstract’ view. Page 7

Enter OVID by doubleclicking in the scroll-box on the library home page. Ovid times out after 15 minutes of inactivity and you may see this page if this happens. No ID/password is needed. Click on the “Start Ovid” button to start a new session. You will have to start your search over. Select a database. Page 8

OVID can translate ordinary words to medical terms (MeSH) Select from terms that OVID found in thesaurus. ‘Explode’ includes subordinate terms, ‘focus’ narrows to the main term. Page 9

OVID displays the selected term in a ‘tree’ of related terms, giving the number of hits for each term. Sub-headings are also listed with numbers of hits. July 2005

Limits were applied to reduce the number of results from 19797 to 174. July 2005 Link to complete reference and/or full text when a link to full text is available. When a link to full text is not available in Ovid, the SFX link may help you locate it.) Page 11

The complete reference gives more information about the article (which can also be searched to find more related articles). Page 12

Enter MDConsult by double-clicking in the scroll-box on the library home page. Entering MDConsult Two approaches: Generic – no user name or password is needed. Personal – create your own username and password. You can customize MDConsult for your personal interests. Also your personalized username and password allows access when the ‘Generic’ button is not available. Page 13

Navigation tabs Guided tour / tutorial Page 14

100 Medical books are in MDConsult. Included in the COM Library eBooks list. All may be searched at once in MDConsult. May also be searched using WebFeat. Page 15

140 medical journal titles are in MDConsult. Included in the COM eJournals list. Find the contents of a journal issue by using the search engine. Journal title – Thesaurus ‘off’ – Publication date – Page 16

Mosby’s Drug Consult with indexes. Frequent updates and news. Page 17

Patient handouts are available in English and in Spanish Search all sections for “heart attack.” Page 18

Enter FIRSTConsult by double-clicking in the scroll-box on the library home page. Differential Diagnosis Tool Medical Topics Articles Patient Education Handouts Procedure Descriptions Links to MDConsult books and journals PDA Downloads Page 19

Diagnoses are listed by probability depending on patient’s age. Links lead to detailed information. Integrated with MDConsult for full-text books and journals. Page 20

Summary tab is shown here. Other tabs are: Background Diagnosis Treatment Outcomes Prevention Resources Page 21

Procedure tab is shown here. Other tabs are: Summary Indications Contraindications Outcomes Resources Includes ICD-9 codes (in Summary tab). Page 22

In English and Spanish. May be customized. Topics Covered: What is the condition? Symptoms Tests Treatment What to do Recovery time Prevention Sources for more information Page 23

Enter InfoRetriever by double-clicking in the scroll-box on the library home page. CONTENTS: POEMS (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters): Full collection of 2,000 collected since 1996. Cochrane Database abstracts: full collection of 1800 . Evidence-based guideline summaries: 700 . Clinical Decisions Rules: 200 . Diagnostic test calculators: symptom to disease to test – 1000 . OPTIONS: Online website accessible with PC or wireless PDA. Download application to PC Download application to PDA H&PE calculators: symptom to disease to test – 1000 . 5-Minute Clinical Consult: complete with 1000 summaries and 500 images. ICD-9 lookup tool: 1,500 most commonly needed codes. Daily POEMS (upon request) Page 24

Page 25

Examples of Calculators July 2005 Page 26

Level of Evidence is given for each guideline. Page 27

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