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SAVITRIBAI PHULE PUNE UNIVERSITY Subject : 314445: HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION Teaching Scheme In-Semester Exam End-Semester 1 : 3 Hrs. / week : 30 Marks : 70 Marks 02/26/23

HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION UNIT- I INTRODUCTION TO HCI What is HCI?, Disciplines involved in HCI, Why HCI study is important? The psychology of everyday things, Principles of HCI, User-centred Design. 2 02/26/23

Factors in HCI There are a large number of factors which should be considered in the analysis and design of a system using HCI principles. Many of these factors interact with each other, making the analysis even more complex. The main factors are listed below: Organization Factors Training, job design, roles, work, organization Environmental Factors Noise, heating, lighting, ventilation Health and Safety Factors

The User Cognitive processes and capabilities Motivation, enjoyment, satisfaction, personality, experience Comfort Factors seating, equipment, and layout. User Interface Input devices, output devices, dialogue structures, use of color, icons, commands, navigation, graphics, natural language, user support, multimedia

Task Factors Easy, complex, novel, task allocation, monitoring, skills Constraints Cost, timescales, budgets, staff, equipment, buildings System Functionality Hardware, software, application Productivity Factors Increase output, increase quality, decrease costs, decrease errors, increase innovation.

Why HCI study is important

Improve productivity of individuals and organizations – cost reduction improve support organizational enhancement human responses: satisfaction no machine stress

In the past, computers were expensive & used by technical people only

Now, computers are cheap and used by non- technical people (different backgrounds, needs, knowledge, skills)

Computer and software manufacturers have noticed the importance of making computers “userfriendly”: easy to use, save people time, etc How to achieve “userfriendliness” in computer design?

Factors affecting in importance of HCI larger memories and faster systems Miniaturization of hardware and power requirements New display technologies 11 HCI introduction-01

Assimilation of computation into the environment Specialized hardware network communication and distributed computing. widespread use of computers Wider social concerns

innovation in input techniques

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