Site License Advisory Team November 30, 2010 meeting

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Site License Advisory Team November 30, 2010 meeting

Agenda SPSS Pricing and Options SAS and JMP codes Sigmaplot codes ECAL Uplifts Forefront news

SPSS Pricing and Options Two options on the table: – Current Solution: 118,000 – New Solution: 57,000 Regardless, cost recovery will begin – Current Solution: 70/copy per machine – New Solution: Approx. 30/copy per user

SPSS Pricing and Options Current Option - 118,000 – Covers all campuses, main and regional – Covers faculty, staff, and student home use – Covers OSU Hospital use and Children’s Hospital use – F/S modules: Base, Regression, Advanced Statistics, Categories, Conjoint, Exact Tests, Custom Tables, Forecasting, Missing Value Analysis, AMOS – Student Modules: Statistics, Regression, Advanced Statistics, Custom Tables

SPSS Pricing and Options New Solution Option - 57,000 – Covers Main Campus only; additional campuses at a charge. – Does not cover any home use. – Covers OSU Hospital use and Children’s Hospital use – F/S modules: Base, Regression, Advanced, AMOS

Software Renewals/Upgrades MATLAB – Renewal accomplished – 2010b in testing, released via media after duplication; codes currently available – New Toolbox: Robust Control Toolbox Spline Toolbox fit into Curve Fitting Toolbox Robust Control chosen as the largest value “extra” in use at the University Total value of toolbox: 12,000

Software Renewals/Upgrades SAS/JMP – Renewal in progress: PO at OSU Purchasing – JMP 9 Win/Mac just released, will run through March (license expires today, warns 1/15/11, fails 3/30/11) New licensing model allows for x64 version (JMP Pro) and Simulation Studio for JMP – SAS 9.2 Admin/Server should be available shortly after renewal for general distribution

ECAL Uplifts Up to 70% of the University is now on track for uplift. Final call for anyone else who wants to uplift but who hasn’t said anything yet. There will be another chance down the road, probably in May/June, beginning the enrollment in July.

Forefront News There is an unmanaged client option for Forefront. – Normally managed through WSUS/SCCM – Information on how to install without managing available at: – “If you choose to manually deploy Client Security to client computers but do not deploy a Client Security policy to those same computers, any malware that is detected on those computers will not be cleaned automatically unless a user is logged on.” Must have ECAL in order to use Forefront Microsoft Security Essentials may not be installed on OSU-owned machines.

Questions/Comments Meeting in December? Or skip to January?

System Configuration Software Meetings to determine requirements begin today. The intent is not to choose a one size fits all mandate, but to identify the best solutions based on the real-world use cases of the university while enabling the business of education. – Phase 1 - Establish requirements for products and outline common use cases throughout the university. Determine priority of requirements and assign weighted values for evaluation. - October 25-29 – Phase 2 - Evaluate identified products against established requirements - Nov 1- 12 – Phase 3 - Identify current install base for the products in major university units - Nov 15-17 – Phase 4 - Draft recommendation based on weighted criteria - Nov 18-22 – Phase 5 - Refine final recommendation based on team feedback and management vetting - Nov 23 -24 – Phase 6 - Deliver Recommendation to OCIO Architecture/IT Security Team and develop university next steps - December 2010

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