Student & Staff Reporting What’s New for 2020-21 1

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Student & Staff Reporting What’s New for 2020-21 1

New District Staff Onboarding Training The MEDMS helpdesk is now offering one on one onboard training for district and school staff that are new to state required reporting. To request this training simply email the MEDMS helpdesk at [email protected] and request our new user training. Please note that these trainings will be held as helpdesk availability allows. 2

What's New for 20202021 Student Data 3

Student Enrollment Changes We have removed Exit Type Code: 01931 – Not enrolled, status unknown 4

Student Personal Changes We have removed Refugee Flag US School Date has been moved from the Student Personal data set to the English Learner data set. We have incorporated the following business rules to the Student Personal data set: – US Arrival Date is required for Immigrant students. – Home Language is required for Immigrant and EL students. 5

Attendance Changes New business rule: Attendance may not be submitted prior to the start of the reported quarter. 6

English Learner (EL) Changes We have added US School Date to the EL data set (recently part of the Student Personal data set). We have incorporated the following business rules to the EL data set: – EL program is required in Student Enrollment when an EL Start Date is reported. – US School Date is required for EL students. 7

Behavior Changes We have added incident type Illicit Drug Related including Marijuana (DrugRelatedwMarijuana). We have removed the data element “Other Consequences”. 8

CTE Changes We have added the following data element to the CTE data set: – Satellite Program – Student is participating in a CTE program at a satellite location. We have added the following business rule to the CTE data set: Student can have multiple enrollments in the same CTE program if the CTE program record at each school indicates the student is expected to earn 700 hours during the school year. 9

CTE Satellite Program & 700 code Questions Shawn Lagasse Career and Technical Education Data Specialist [email protected] (207) 624-6743 10

New Upload – Student Exit An abbreviated version of the Student Enrollment upload. Upload Guide, Sample File & Data Dictionary – ng/collection/helpdesk/resources/synerg y instructions 11

Proficiency Upload The Proficiency Upload has been removed from our upload list as it is no longer collected. 12

EF-M-13 No longer being collected Was decided by our data governance team to discontinue this data collection. 13

What's New for 20202021 Staff Data 14

New NEO Staff report Minimum Teacher Salary Report added to NEO Staff Reports 15

All assignments set to pending Postponed to 2021-2022 16

Current Web Page 17

Please post your questions in the questions section of the webinar 18

Questions, Comments or Concerns? Maine Education Data Management Systems (MEDMS) Helpdesk [email protected] (207) 624-6896 ta-reporting/collection/helpdes k 19

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