Study Abroad at CSUSM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Study Abroad at CSUSM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Common Misconceptions I can’t afford it I don’t know how to speak a foreign language It will delay my graduation Turkey I can only go abroad my Junior year I need to fulfill my major/minor/GE requirements here at CSUSM I can’t go for an entire year

The Basics 19 countries – over 50 institutions! Go abroad as early as the summer following your freshman year or as late as your senior year Duration: Summer (2-12 weeks) Semester (16 weeks) Year (9-12 months) Breakdown of programs: Immersion Non-Immersion Special Focus Language & Culture Hungary

Program Requirements Must be enrolled as a CSUSM student Cumulative GPA Most programs require a 2.75 GPA, some a 3.0 Good Academic Standing through semester prior to departure Pre-requisites met Language GPA (if applicable) Thailand

Academics Can take classes to fulfill major, minor, GE or language requirements Receive CSU resident credit for courses taken on exchange & IP, otherwise transfer Will be required to take a full-time course load while abroad, currently 15 semester units Singapore

Faculty-led Summer Programs Usually intensive language & culture Valladolid, Spain—Spanish L & C San Jose, Costa Rica—Spanish L & C Possible Rome, Italy for History/Classical Studies Possible Taipei, Taiwan for Adv. Business Other destinations according to faculty interest

Exchange Programs 11 countries (more to come!) Semester or Year options Must have 60 semester units 2.75 GPA (3.0 for Japan, Taiwan) Can accommodate most majors CSU resident credit Applications due for fall semester study: April-May, for spring semester, October

CSU International Programs CSU system-wide study abroad program 19 countries, many prestigious institutions Year-long study only Learn Language programs in China, France, Germany & Mexico are open to sophomores Applications due February 1 and May 1 (for Australia, NZ, & S. Africa only)

Outside Programs If we don’t offer a country you’re interested in, you can study abroad through a third party provider, either a business for study abroad or another university open to enrollment by outside students If you go through a provider, you cannot take upperdivision GE and will earn transfer credit for all course work Limited financial aid does apply

Where will I live when I study abroad? Dorms/Residence Halls Apartments (University Owned & Private) Homestay Private Homes

I don’t have a friend to go with. Won’t I be lonely? The majority of students don’t go with a friend. Most students make friendships with classmates. You’ll also have a chance to meet other CSU students who are going on your program before departure. Even those who are shy learn to branch out and befriend at least a few around them. The more friendly and willing to interact you are, the faster you’ll get to know and get to like people, just like here. Homestays, dorms, and apartments are all quite social in their own ways and yet another venue to find a friend.

Will I have any time to travel? This will be the freest time of your life! Many students travel in country on weekends and during longer breaks, between countries STA Travel has some very good short trips/tours for many popular destinations at a very good price Cheap airfare: Most students travel by rail. Your school will tell you about student discounts

Funding Study Abroad Not necessarily more expensive than CSU to study abroad Some programs are very inexpensive: Korea, Hong Kong Financial Aid goes with you Many scholarship opportunities available for students who study abroad Gilman General CSUSM scholarship Egypt

Benefits of Study Abroad TRAVEL! Continue to make progress towards your degree Learn a new language Make friends from all over the world! Vietnam Internship opportunities available in certain countries Gain international work experience! Get a competitive edge for jobs and/or graduate schools Gain a greater appreciation for culture & diversity

Final Words Apply EARLY! Better to go abroad early on in your academic career India More flexibility! More opportunities to participate in multiple programs! If you wait until your senior year, you could encounter issues with: Senior residency requirement Exceeding the number of graduation units Returning in time for commencement

Check Us Out! Come see us in the Office of Global Education, Craven 3200 Email [email protected] to set up an advising session & talk about your options Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We’re here to help!

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