The Strange Physical World of Industrial Ethernet Mike Nager,

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The Strange Physical World of Industrial Ethernet Mike Nager, METZ CONNECT USA Inc. 1 12/25/2022

What is Industrial Ethernet? It’s a specific type of “Internet of Things” used to describe Ethernet used on manufacturing plant floors or in process facilities. It is rapidly growing already. 23% of the 31.3 million industrial networked nodes in 2011 were based on Ethernet. – IMS Research Total economic value of IoT will be 1.9T by 2020 with manufacturing and health care verticals leading at 15% each. – Gartner Inc. 2 12/25/2022

What is Industrial Ethernet 3 12/25/2022

What is Industrial Ethernet 4 12/25/2022

The Internet of Things Industrial Ethernet Accounts for the Biggest Growth The Internet of Things Total 1 Trillion The Industrialization of the Internet Internet of Things Total 35 Billion Total 500 Million 1/10th of a Device per Person on Earth 2007 1997 – 2001 business 2003 – 2009 consumer 2010 – 2013 industrial productivity 5 12/25/2022 140 Devices per Person on Earth 5 Devices per Person on Earth 2013 2010 the net social media web 2.0 internet of things web 3.0 Source: Forester Research, CISCO

“Industrial” Looks Different Ethernet is the biggest thing to hit manufacturing facilities but it’s a lot different then the typical Enterprise network. According to IMS Research only about 40% of installed industrial Ethernet nodes are standard TCP/IP and seems to be decreasing slightly over time. 6 12/25/2022

A Look at the Past Islands of Automation Machines were self contained entities with little communication between each other or the plant facility. Relay logic prevailed. 7 12/25/2022

A Look at the Past Islands of Automation Relays were replaced by PLCs and remained ‘standalone’. Some specialized networks started to replace the direct wiring but control and information remained locked to that machine.[email protected]/267323861/in/ photolist-pC756-3RpqjT-4b86wT-4bc7HW-4bc7NQ-73JDy1eoYJAp-fySBbZ-aTkNbV-aTkLQ2-aTkP8P-a3Qx5T-bjcrXKaTkxyg-aTkeA6-faqaCM-faqaVz-cLL5F3-awSD6D-dzbGD5b1XcEn-8dkSKQ-bie2Q4-bidUjp-a17jSR-a17iPX-a1abCoa17jki-a1aaRf-a17jbZ-a1ab2J-a17j8x-a1aaLd-a17jxn-a1abeja17jAp-9ZNoSk-9ZRf8W-a1ab3J-a1aaFW-ffTdSt-a1ab4Ya17j2X-a17jRi-a17jrF-a17jEK-a17jqB-a17jHD-a17jmn-a17jS4a1abib 8 12/25/2022

Ethernet to the Rescue Islands of Automation Ethernet was seen as method of extracting information from the PLC and maybe even its I/O so at least reports could be made. ETHERNET 12/25/2022 DeviceNet GW 9 GW GW GW Discrete Control Profibus SERCOS

Progression But Why Not All the Way? If machines were connected via Ethernet, why couldn't they be CONTROLLED by Ethernet? Little by little, the objections were overcome. 10 Ethernet isn’t Fast Enough – We need ‘Real Time Controls’ Ethernet isn’t Deterministic – We can’t have jitter Ethernet Topography isn’t suitable – Star won’t work Ethernet isn’t redundant – Can’t have single Source of failure Ethernet Components aren’t designed for industry – this presentation! 12/25/2022

Progression But Why Not All the Way? If machines were connected via Ethernet, why couldn't they be CONTROLLED by a variant Ethernet ETHERNET Ethernet/IP 11 12/25/2022 Profinet Ethercat SERCOS/IP

Seemless Infrastructure Transparent Communication over all business levels without ERP Interfaces and communication losses Building Network MES Machine Industrial Ethernet Data Center use of common IT processes for operation and observation via web technology Supervisor Web server on PLCs and machines, remote maintenance and teleservice directly from the network DCS/ PLCs / IPCs Easy installation and operation with convergent using Device 12 12/25/2022 Sensors/Actors

The Buzz Now Trade Publication Industrial Ethernet is discussed ALL THE TIME 13 12/25/2022

Outlook Outlook of Industrial Ethernet Recent poll from Automation World 14 12/25/2022

You Aren’t in Kansas Anymore Users familiar with NEMA / IP ratings and rather than MICE. (Mostly Mice 2 and 3 areas) DIN rail mounted devices not 19” Racks Supply voltage is 24VDC not -48V Classified hazardous areas exist (Division 1 and 2) No Plenum/Riser Cables – Oil Resistant or High Flex 15 12/25/2022

IP Environmental Ratings 16 12/25/2022

IP Environmental Ratings IP20 for components inside control cabinets IP65/67 for components outside control cabinets 17 12/25/2022

General “Industrial” Requirements Industrial locations include the manufacturing floor, process plant, traffic control, water treatment, and transit systems needing: “Real Time” Control Needs Multiple levels of redundancy More extreme vibration and shock Water, Dust, Coolant Exposure 18 12/25/2022

Industrial Device Connections M12 LP-socket X-coded IP67 Industry field plug Cu IP20 Internet of Things Industry V1 plug Industry V1 plug Industry V14 plug Industry V4 plug Gigabitterminal block IP20 M12 plug X-coded IP67 RJ 45 LP-jack IP20 19 12/25/2022 M12 plug D-coded IP67 M12 X-coded IP67

Industrial Bus Networks Network Founder Organization Ethernet/IP Rockwell Automation ODVA Profinet Siemens PTO MODBUS-TCP Schneider Electric Modbus IDA Foundation Fieldbus Fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus Foundation SERCOS Bosch Rextroth Interest Group Sercos EtherCAT Beckhoff Automation EtherCAT Technology Group 20 12/25/2022

Cable Recommendations Profinet recommends Shielded Cables Ethernet/IP prefers unshielded systems - But Recommends shielding for Induction welding processes RF Sources Electrostatic processes High current devices (more than 100 amps) - Uses shields with RC network to prevent DC ground loops 21 12/25/2022

Physical Layer Issues According to an online article, Physical Layer failures accounted for 35% of total failures in plant automation Two ways to provide reliability is to – Harden the physical layer – Change the network topography 22 12/25/2022

Connector Recommendation Industrial Control Manufacturers Guidelines are given by the manufacturers, in this case for EtherNet/IP systems. 23 12/25/2022

First Step – Harden RJ45 Nylon Locking Tab and Strain Relief Need to accomodate large individual conductors 24 12/25/2022 Metal Die Cast Housing

Second Step – Harden Some More Rugged Construction Here is a metal version of the “V1” connector system. Threads and Gaskets for Sealing Cable Glands and Stress Relief 25 12/25/2022

Second Step – Harden Some More Rugged Construction Here is a metal version of the “V14” connector system. Snap on connector 26 12/25/2022

Second Step – Harden Some More Rugged Construction A custom built connector that is explosion proof for the Oil and Gas industry. 27 12/25/2022

Third Step – Engineer New System High Band Width Connectors – M12 Footprint “D” Code for 2 Twisted Pairs “X” Code for 4 Twisted Pairs 28 12/25/2022

Cutting Edge Standard X Code M12 for Industrial Gigabit Speeds Typically PUR or PVC Cable 4 Shielded Pairs in an X shape 29 12/25/2022

IP67 Ethernet Switch Electronics Not only connectors need to be rugged. Metal Housing M12 Connectors 30 12/25/2022

Conversion from RJ45 to M12 31 12/25/2022

Inside the Cabinet – DIN Rail 32 12/25/2022

Inside the Cabinet – DIN Rail RJ45 Jack Meets DIN Rail DIN Rail is the defacto mounting method on the plant floor so devices and connectors are needed in this form factor. 33 12/25/2022

Inside the Cabinet – DIN Rail Fiber Optic Meets DIN Rail 34 12/25/2022

Reliable Extensions and Repairs Practicality Repairs and Extensions to Ethernet cable need to be done on the plant floor – they will not re-run wires through plants or machines with moving parts unless absolutely necessary. Think of it as a type of consolidation point. 35 12/25/2022

Key Take-Aways Internet of Things is growing rapidly Much of it is in the industrial sector – Industrial Ethernet Environmental considerations are much different than office environments Physical component failure is the single biggest failure point so the physical layer components have to be well considered 36 12/25/2022

The Strange Physical World of Industrial Ethernet Mike Nager Vice President METZ CONNECT USA Inc. 200 Tornillo Way Tinton Falls, NJ 07712 37 12/25/2022 Connect with us!

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