UW Madison’s Integrated Student Information System “ISIS” Up

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UW Madison’s Integrated Student Information System “ISIS” Up and Flying

Prospective Students Admissions Financial Aid Timetable & Curriculum Registration Records Advising Fee Assessment & Student Accounts Receivable Alumni Records

Vision Plan Organize/Structure Budget Train Communicate Discipline

Whose Project is this? Management Structure Committee structure Communication Buy in

Exec Support Attitude Staffing Transition events Training

Expectations/Outcomes Business benefits Change (i.e., culture) management

Resources Functionality Performance Expectations ERP Implementation Cycle

ERP Truth 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Functionality Resources Expectations Performance 0 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Purchase & Maintenance 10% Contingency 19% Outside Consulting 14% Training 3% Functional Office Backfill 27% Hardware 5% Campus IT Support 22%

College of Engineering School of Veterinary Medicine School of Nursing College of Agricultural and Life Sciences School of Pharmacy School of Human Ecology Medical School International Studies College of Letter & Sciences School of Business School of Education Law School Division of Continuing Studies Institute of Environmental Studies

UW-Madison Organization Chancellor Vice Chancellor Provost Academic Services Information Technology Financial Aid Schools & Colleges Business Services Bursar 170 Department Chairs Registrar Undergrad Admissions Dept. Admin. Faculty Budget

Project Structure Campus Administration Executive Team Project Cross Management Functional Team Steering Team ISIS Campus Team Technical Module Impacts Support Implementation Committee Teams Standing Teams Schools, Campus CTP Colleges & Committees PeopleSoft Consultants Departments

Exec Comm Acad, Bus, IT Sponsor/owner Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Proj. Mgr Student Affairs Associate PM Schools & Colleges Associate PM Technology Steering Comm Directors, Governance, Students, etc. Project Management Team Module Teams & MIT Leads Xfunctional team

ISIS Committee Structure Cross Functional Team MMTs *Schools/Colleges *Student Serv. Offices Security H oc Te am s ISIS Production Management Committee (PMC) Customer Needs *Students Upgrade Team A d Functional Offices or ICIC/AAC DAS & Bursar Representatives AAC (up to 3) DoIT Directors (up to 3) Upgrade Team Leader SDC Chair ICIC Chair Housing Grad School Continuing Studies Prof. Schools Representative *Faculty/Staff ISIS Strategic Directions Committee (SDC) Project Manager Executive Committee DAS Directors & Bursar MMT Chair Housing Grad School DoIT’s Strategic Consult. Dir. ICIC Chair ITC Chair ISIS Executive Committee Chair: Paul Barrows Jack Duwe, Don Miner AAC Chair OPMC Chair SMC Chair Registrar Hank Lufler


DAS Becki Trish 1600 SC Trainers (6 @ 50%) Schools & Colleges Coaches 50 6 1600 Users, 265 Sessions, 2 4,445 training unit equivalents

Training - Who gets what? Fees Records Admissions End-user Tom LEGACY TRANSACTIONS Yields ISIS Training Block

Resources Functionality Performance Expectations ERP Implementation Cycle

Whose Project is this? – Functional – Technical – Joint Committee structure – Build based on need Management Structure – Executive committee Powerful Own resources Visionary needed Must have access to power or have power directly Faith Focus – How much to implement – How Soon – When to declare victory Politics Resources Governance Oversight Communication – – – – To whom How often How What Buy in – Buy whom – When

Exec Support – Which one(s) – Type of support Active Passive Financial Political Attitude – Just gotta have one Staffing – What kinds Functional IT Partner Backfill – How many – How long Transition events – Old system (and some old folks) go away – New system must be used sooner than you think Training – – – – – Budget What kinds How much When How long

Expectations/Outcomes – Day one – By whom Business benefits – – – – – – Operational Efficiencies Operational Effectiveness BP changes Decision making Money (ROI) Customer satisfaction Change (i.e., culture) management – – – – Functional offices IT Students Faculty

Vision Plan Organize/Structure Budget Train Communicate Discipline

Thank you Tom Scott University of Wisconsin - Madison [email protected]

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