Welcome to the 2022 Dare to Dream Academies Virtual Open House! We’ll

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Welcome to the 2022 Dare to Dream Academies Virtual Open House! We’ll get started shortly.

2022 DARE TO DREAM ACADEMIES Virtual Open House Griselda Guevara-Cruz, Migrant Education Program

Vision Mission Values All students prepared for post-secondary pathways, careers, and civic engagement. Transform K–12 education to a system that is centered on closing opportunity gaps and is characterized by high expectations for all students and educators. We achieve this by developing equity-based policies and supports that empower educators, families, and communities. Ensuring Equity Collaboration and Service Achieving Excellence through Continuous Improvement Focus on the Whole Child

Equity Statement Each student, family, and community possesses strengths and cultural knowledge that benefits their peers, educators, and schools. Ensuring educational equity: Goes beyond equality; it requires education leaders to examine the ways current policies and practices result in disparate outcomes for our students of color, students living in poverty, students receiving special education and English Learner services, students who identify as LGBTQ , and highly mobile student populations. Requires education leaders to develop an understanding of historical contexts; engage students, families, and community representatives as partners in decision-making; and actively dismantle systemic barriers, replacing them with policies and practices that ensure all students have access to the instruction and support they need to succeed in our schools.

Tribal Land Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge the Indigenous people who have stewarded this land since time immemorial and who still inhabit the area today, the Steh-Chass Band of Indigenous people of the Squaxin Island Tribe.

Title I Part C Migrant Education Often seen as essential workers, we honor the migratory Program lifestyle and labor in agriculture, fishing, dairy, and forestry and recognize how these lifeways greatly contribute to the state, national, global and personal economies and are a testament to the resilience and commitment workers have to their children, families, and communities.

Agenda Welcome Introduction of Program Partners Overview of Summer Academies -Exploring Your Future -Academic Academies -Registration Updates Q&A Session featuring all program partners

Program Partners Western Washington University Washington State University – Spokane Washington State University- Pullman University of Washington- Seattle Eastern Washington University Central Washington University Migrant Student Data, Recruitment & Support (MSDRS) Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)

Dare to Dream Academies Dare to Dream Academy, Exploring Your Future (Hero’s Journey) The purpose of this program is to bring awareness to migratory students on the requirements for high school graduation and options beyond high school available to them. Students have an opportunity to attend a fiveday on-campus academy at a university in order to experience elements of university life. This academy is intended for 9th and 10th grade students. Those who successfully participate and complete required work at the Exploring Your Future (Hero’s Journey) Academy will earn .5 English Language Arts (ELA) credit. Dare to Dream Academic Academies The purpose of this program is to provide at-risk migrant students a five-day on-campus experience with access to professional staff who will help students build their skills and abilities in the areas of math or science as well as develop student awareness of the requirements to graduate high school and plan for postsecondary education or employment. These academies are intended for 11th and 12th grade students. Those who successfully participate and complete required work for the academy they attend can earn .5 credit in science or math.

Dare to Dream Academy Exploring Your Future (Hero’s Journey) Eligibility: Migratory Student in Grades 9-10, School Year 2022-23 University Partners: Central Washington University Eastern Washington University University of Washington Western Washington University Credits in partnership with Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)

Dare to Dream Academic Academies Eligibility: Migratory Student in Grades 11-12, School Year 2022-23 University Partners: Credits in Central Washington University (Science) partnership with Association of Eastern Washington University (Math) Washington School Prin cipals University of Washington (Math) (AWSP) Western Washington University (Math, Biology) Washington State University, Pullman (Math, Science)

Dare to Dream Health Sciences Academy Eligibility: Migratory Student* in Grades 11-12, School Year 2022-23 A Migratory student must meet these requirements*: A 3.2 or higher GPA OR demonstrate the ability to be academically successful. Taken at least one (1) advance course in biology, chemistry, math, etc. Plans to pursue a post-secondary education. Has an interest in pursuing a career in the health sciences. University Partners: University of Washington Washington State University (Spokane) Cred part its in with nership A of W ssociatio Scho ashingt n on ol P r incip a ls (AW SP)

Dare to Dream Academies 2022 Additional Opportunities WSU-Pullman Mentorship Mentorship will be offered to participants who engage in the WSUPullman strands. This will be post-academy, September 2022November 2022. More details to come.

2022 Dare to Dream Academies All academies will be virtual for Summer 2022. Exploring Your Future (Hero’s Journey) Dates: June 20 – July 8 ( 250 students) Time: Morning Session: 9am-12pm Evening Session: 6pm-9pm Washington State University-Pullman (Math & Science) Eastern Washington University (Math) Dates: June 28 – July 13 (40 students) Time: Morning Session: 9:30am-1pm Afternoon Session: 12pm-3:30pm University of Washington (Math) Dates: June 21- June 30 (30 Students) Time: 8:45am-12pm University of Washington/Washington State University- Spokane (Health Sciences) Dates: June 21-July 1 (40 students) Time: 8:45am-12pm Dates: June 26- July 2 (Serve 60 students: 30 math, 30 science) Time: Sunday (6/26): 9:30am-12pm Monday-Friday (6/27-7/1): 9:30am – 3pm Saturday (7/2): 10am-1:45pm Central Washington University (Science) Dates: June 21-July 1 (Serve 25 students) Time: 10am -1pm Western Washington University (Math & Biology) Dates: June 27- July 15 (Serve 60 students: 30 math, 30 biology) Time: Biology: 9am-12pm Math: 5:30pm-8:30pm Academy schedules are posted on MSDRS website: www.msdr.org.

Timeline Universities establish dates for each academy: December 2021/January 2022 OSPI with MSDRS releases number of eligible students by district to register: March 2022 Registration forms released: March 25, 2022 Registration deadline: April 15, 2022 (to secure allocations) Open Registration begins: April 15th – April 30th (unused allocations will be filled on firstcome, first-filled basis) Enrollment extension: May 20th. Virtual Open House: Wednesday, May 18th, 6pm-7:30pm Confirmation information sent to students/schools: May 2022 University Orientations: May-June 2022 University Course Materials shipping dates: TBA Registration cancellations and replacements deadline is two-weeks prior to start of each academy.

Registration Electronic Forms Available Online Student Registration Packet is available for download at www.msdr.org. Registration Packet Includes: Student Academy Profile Questionnaire Online Assumption of Risk Online Code of Conduct Image and Voice Recording Consent Online Registration Packet Consent Form Deadline Extension: May 20, 2022

Updates on Registration Registration extension: Friday, May 20th. During this time, students may still be added to standby with confirmation process in accordance with previously shared guidance. After May 20th, any new student enrollments and/or changes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis with consideration to academy capacity and planning timelines. Reminder: All authorization forms must be signed and submitted ASAP. *A registration is incomplete if not all supporting forms have been submitted, or there is missing information around language preference and technology.

Confirmation Process *Attention Staff* Direct communication from the university-partner to student. (Both the student and the person who registered them will get a confirmation email.) Each student confirmation will include: Student’s final schedule How the materials will get shipped to the student Orientation and tech check-in dates and times Additional next steps pertinent to the academy the student will attend

Contacts If you have any questions in the process of completing your registration, feel free to contact the person at your school or school district who oversees programming for migratory students. You can also communicate directly with: Griselda Guevara-Cruz, Migrant Education Student Event Program Supervisor at OSPI Email: [email protected] Heather Garcia-Mendoza, Student Support Services Coordinator at MSDRS Email: [email protected]

Q&A Session Thank you for joining us tonight.

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